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Ulrike is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media at WU Vienna. Her research interests center around consumer interactions and advertising effectiveness. Her work is aimed at providing managers with actionable insights. For instance, in her dissertation she addresses the question how marketing managers can effectively utilize firm-created word-of-mouth from nano influencer campaigns to achieve their marketing objectives.

Her current research projects analyze effective planning of nano influencer campaigns considering different context effects (e.g., brand- or marketing related), in addition to investigating the impact of the endogenous nature of consumer interactions on obtained analysis results. Insights from her research have been published in the Journal of Marketing and in the Proceedings of the International Conference of Information Systems.

Ulrike holds a Master’s degree in international business administration (2012) and a doctorate degree in Marketing (2019) from the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). Prior joining the marketing department of WU Vienna and the Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media in 2021, Ulrike was a research assistant at the Technical University Berlin (2019 -2020) and a guest researcher in the “Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships“ Program of the European University Viadrina and the GGS Heilbronn (2017-2018).

You can read about Ulrike's current project here.


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