Research at IHM differentiates between a micro and a macro analysis.
The following themes form the research focus at IHM:

  • Institutional Level

    • Strategy, organization, and leadership of higher education institutions with special attention to universities

    • Change and adaptation of universities

    • Governance and performance of business schools

  • System Level

    • Competitiveness of national higher education systems

    • Impact of universities

    • New business models for different types of higher education institutions

Research on these themes uses primarily empirical studies of different international examples and comparisons (comparative perspective).

The following topics are available for dissertation candidates:

  • Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of National Science and Higher Education Systems: A Comparative Study

  • Governance and Performance of Institutions of Higher Education: A Study of Business Universities and Faculties

  • Business Models for Universities of the Future: Scenarios and Approaches

  • Strategy and Innovation in Expert Organizations: the case of universities

  • Convergence and Differences of Mission and Strategy in Business Schools  

Required are research experience and knowledge of methods for the social sciences. In case you are interested, please contact Professor Sporn directly for a meeting.

Dissertation working title Bernhard Böhm: „Managing the performance of European higher education mergers – A balanced scorecard approach”

Dissertation working title Ana Godonoga: „Socially Responsible Universities: Analysis of their conceptualisation, strategies and management control and rewards systems"

Current Projects

The New Silk Road – Implications for higher education and research cooperation between China and Europe, in collaboration with a network of international experts from Europe, Asia and USA

The Entrepreneurial Capacity of Universities Improving the Competitiveness of Regions: A Comparative Analysis

A Global Positioning Strategy in Marketing to International Students, Anglo-American and Central European Style, together with Professor Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona

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