Universities without walls

Universities without walls

Nearly 700 participants attended the 2021 EUA Annual Conference “Universities 2030: From vision to reality”. Together, the participants were able to have an honest and ambitious debate about the paths universities can take to remain resilient and relevant. The Conference vision “Universities without walls” reflects some of the ideas discussed. Please find attached the EUA report “Universities without walls – a vision for 2030”.


China and Europe on the new silk road

China and Europe on the New Silk Road.

Connecting Universities Across Eurasia

Edited by Marijk van der Wende, William C. Kirby, Nian Cai Liu, and Simon Marginson. 

With a chapter from Barbara Sporn and Marijk van der Wende The New Silk Road and the "Idea of the University"

Oxford University Press (2020)

A “knowledge spillover” from our course got published

cracow univ. of economics

A “knowledge spillover” from our Independent Study in Business and Management course got published!

Our former student, Danuta Gruszka, in collaboration with our team member, Ana Godonoga have published a reflection article exploring how students in Polish universities experienced the transition to distance learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are proud to see Danuta’s research results disseminated beyond the classroom.

When asked about her reflection on the course, Danuta mentioned:

“I have learned a lot about research strategies and techniques. I wish more universities would encourage their students to work on research to get it published or at least disseminated in some way to a larger audience.”

The full article can be accessed here.

Higher Education Speaker Series


Prof. Dr. Georg Krücken, ICHER-Kassel

International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel

Title: Vom Wettbewerb zum multiplen Wettbewerb im Hochschulsystem



Speaker: Prof. Walter W. Powell, Professor of Education (and) Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Management Science and Engineering, Public Policy, and Communication at Stanford University, USA
Title: "The Emergence of Life Science Clusters in the U.S.: The importance of public research in technology ecosystems"

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Higher Education Speaker Series