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SIMC Master

The challenge: growing dynamics and increasing complexity

The 21st century is characterized by challenges that are unique in the history of mankind. Technological advances and social developments, together with a high level of interconnectedness due to globalization and the rise of the Internet are dramatically changing the world's dynamics.

Simultaneously, entrepreneurial opportunities have never before been as great and diverse as in our times. For executives to operate effectively in this promising yet risky economic environment, they need to be equipped with a broad range of knowledge and skills.

Our answer: organizational leadership

The Insitut for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is one of the organizing institutes of the master program 'Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control' which prepares tomorrow's executives for their role as organizational leaders. The program combines theory, practice, and instruction in relevant social skills, for an integrated approach to ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP.

General information on the Master Pogramme on Strategy, Innovation and Management Control can be found on the Master's programms website.

For information about the programme‘s official student community "SIMConnect" and their activities please visit the SIMConnect hompage.

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