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Lemon Swan

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Founder:Arne Kahlke, Lars Jankowfsky, Oliver Czok, Paul Uhlig, Nils Clausen
Business purpose:   Find your ideal partner with LemonSwan!
Do you want a serious relationship with someone on equal terms? We will help you find that very special person. We're not about hot flirtations and short-lived affairs. LemonSwan is the dating agency for all those who want to permanently end their single existence. Our scientifically based questionnaire creates a picture of your very personal needs and requirements for a partner. The LemonSwan Method® is based on many years of expertise and the latest scientific research findings. Based on this analysis, we use our unique matching process to identify people with whom you harmonize perfectly. This is how you find a partner who really suits you. For a long and happy relationship.
Founding year:2017
Website:    www.lemonswan.at
Contact:Paul Uhlig (paul@lemonswan.com)