Specialization "International Business Communication" (SIBC)

What are the main topics of SIBC?

What interests, strengths, and capabilities should applicants have?

What career prospects do graduates of SIBC have?


In five courses (all held in a PI format), you will learn about a wide range of aspects of international business communication:

Key Concepts

Internal Business Communication

External Business Communication

Intercultural Business Communication


Organizational aspects

Procedure for admission in WS22/23:

The Specialization is designed to be completed within 2 semesters, with Courses I, II & III recommended to be taken in the first semester, and IV & V in the second semester. Accordingly, students in their first semester will be guaranteed spaces in the first three courses and assured spots in Courses IV and V in their second semester. However, only Course I MUST be taken in the first semester. Depending on scheduling of courses and availability of places, it MAY be possible to finish the Specialization within one semester, but this is in no way guaranteed nor really encouraged.

The Specialization will accept 60 students each semester; general eligibility criteria are the same as for any other SBWL or specialization.

In a first step, students wishing to apply for "International Business Communication" have to sign up for the course "Access to Specialization: International Business Communication" (1578). Places will generally be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, with half the slots reserved for the fastest students who were awarded a grade of 1 (Very Good) on the CBK course "Introduction to Business Communication (IBC)" (note: EBC1 grades are not relevant here). The remaining slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of whether the applicant attended the CBK course or not until 55 slots have been filled. Registration starts on Aug 24, 2pm.

NOTE: registration for the course "Access to Specialization: International Business Communication" does NOT automatically mean you have been accepted for the Specialization; of ALL students signing up for "Access to Specialization: International Business Communication", only 60 will be accepted based on the criteria outlined above

All students accepted into the Specialization will receive a confirmation email with further information (around Sep 12). Those students will have to register for and pass the Key Concepts class (= Course I) in this semester to be able to continue with the remaining 4 classes (see above: standard procedure would be taking Courses II & III in the first semester, and then IV & V in the second semester). NOTE: Students who are accepted into the Specialization but do not register for Key Concepts will lose their slots again, with those spaces then (AFTER September 18) filled with the next students on the registration list as described above (time of application and/or grade of "Very Good" on IBC). Thus, if you are not accepted into the Specialization at first, you MAY still get a slot to fill up those spaces not taken up (this will likely happen on September 20).

For the time being, please direct any questions you may still have after carefully reading all the information provided here to bizcomm@wu.ac.at.

Please note: WInf students unfortunately cannot attend our Specialization as it is not included in the WInf curriculum