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The Institute - either by itself or as part of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication - has hosted and continues to host a range of exciting events; some of those events are open to the general public, inviting renowned speakers and experts to interact with students, faculty and other attendees, while others are offered exclusively to our students.

English Research Seminar 18.11.2020

‘EMEMUS online’: what does internationalised higher education look like on a university website? Ute Smit, University of Vienna - Date & time: Nov. 18, 2020

English Research Seminar 26.03.2020 *CANCELLED*

Lecture: Prof Tyrkkö will give a talk entitled “Keep it Simple, Stupid: Stylometric and Corpus-pragmatic Perspectives to Political Speeches over the Decades” - Date & time: Thursday, 26 March,…

English Research Seminar 25.03.2020 *CANCELLED*

Workshop: Jukka Tyrkkö (Linnaeus University) Date & time: Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 3-5pm; D2.2.228

English Research Seminar 18.03.2020 *CANCELLED*

Presentation on the Business Communication Master’s Programme at KU Leuven, Belgium Wednesday, 18 March, 4-5pm, D2.2.228

English Research Seminar 17.03.2020 *CANCELLED*

Lecture: “Famous leaders’ stories at the interface of narrative dimensions” Tuesday, 17 March, 6:15 – 7:30pm, D2.2.228