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Romana Zeilinger

Mag. Romana Zeilinger, M.A.

Mag. Romana Zeilinger, M.A.

Senior Lecturer

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Romana Zeilinger graduated from Vienna University with a degree in English and German, Lehramt (teaching qualifications), taught at grammar schools, and worked as a lecturer and a contract assistant professor at the English Department of Vienna University (English Literature); as of October 1997 full-time lecturer at the Institute of English Business Communication at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

A full list of publications and research activities can be found in PURE.

Journal article

1998 Zeilinger, Romana, Herles, Martin, Beer, Alexander. 1998. There is life outside our university!. Read more
1998 Zeilinger, Romana. 1998. Christiane Dalton-Puffer and Gertraud Havranek: workshop on the development of new curricula (Studienpläne) for trainee teachers of English. Read more