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Nora Wenzl

Nora Wenzl, M.A.

Nora Wenzl, M.A.

Teaching and Research Associate

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Nora Wenzl holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in English and American studies from Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz. During her studies, she spent two semesters at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne, France. Upon completion of her Master’s, she was rewarded the Excellence Award in English and American Studies for outstanding academic performance. Before joining the Vienna University of Economics and Business, she worked as an assistant and lecturer at the Department of American Studies in Graz. Currently, Nora is a PhD candidate at WU, where she investigates linguistic aspects of the Brexit debate.

Nora has taught English in a variety of contexts at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. At WU, she teaches English Business Communication I.

Research Interests

Nora’s research interests are located in the fields of Critical Discourse Studies and Cultural Studies. In previous research, Nora has dealt with the depiction of the Other in American Films Noirs from a critical whiteness studies perspective. Currently, her research is focused on critical analyses of political discourse using a combination of quantitative corpus linguistic methods and qualitative approaches.

A full list of publications and research activities can be found in PURE.

Chapter in edited volume

2019 Wenzl, Nora. 2019. 'This is about the kind of Britain we are': national identities as constructed in parliamentary debates about EU membership In: Discourses of Brexit. Hrsg. Koller, Veronika; Kopf, Susanne; Miglbauer, Marlene. Read more