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Mathew Gillings

Dr. Mathew Gillings

Dr. Mathew Gillings

Assistant Professor

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Mathew Gillings completed his PhD in Linguistics at Lancaster University (UK), where he also completed his BA in English Language (2012-15), and MA in Language and Linguistics (2015-16). Before joining the Vienna University of Economics and Business in May 2020, he was employed as an Associate Lecturer at Lancaster University where he taught on the undergraduate English Language and Corporate Communication modules. As a member of the ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science, Mathew was involved with various corpus compilation projects, including the Encyclopedia of Shakespeare’s Language project and the Written BNC2014. He is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Corpora and Discourse Studies, and can be found on X at: @mathewgillings.

Other professional activity includes holding workshops as part of the WU in-house training programme, alongside language consultancy, (academic) proofreading and coaching.

Research Interests

Mathew’s research interests are located broadly within the field of corpus linguistics, a method used to analyse large amounts of naturally-occurring linguistic data both quantitatively and qualitatively. His previous and ongoing research applies this method to the study of deception (detection), (variational) politeness, and Shakespeare's language. Much of this work takes a methodological angle, exploring how corpus linguistic techniques can be applied to different areas of linguistics, the social sciences, and beyond.

A full list of publications and research activities can be found in PURE.

Book (monograph)

2024 Gillings, Mathew. 2024. Corpus Linguistic Approaches to Deception Detection. Read more
2023 Gillings, Mathew, Mautner, Gerlinde, Baker, Paul. 2023. Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies. Read more

Journal article

2024 van Dorst, Isolde, Gillings, Mathew, Culpeper, Jonathan. 2024. Sociopragmatic variation in Britain: A corpus-based study of politeness. Read more
2024 Chan, JJ, Gillings, Mathew. 2024. Constructions and representations of Chinese identity through England's curatorial imagination: A corpus-assisted analysis. Read more
2024 Gillings, Mathew, Learmonth, Mark, Mautner, Gerlinde. 2024. Taking the road less travelled: How corpus-assisted discourse studies can enrich qualitative explorations of large textual datasets. Read more
2024 Gillings, Mathew, Mautner, Gerlinde. 2024. Concordancing for CADS: Practical challenges and theoretical implications. Read more
2024 Gillings, Mathew, Dayrell, Carmen. 2024. Climate change in the UK press: Examining discourse fluctuation over time. Read more
2023 Gillings, Mathew, Hardie, Andrew. 2023. The interpretation of topic models for scholarly analysis: An evaluation and critique of current practice. Read more
2020 Murphy, Sean, Culpeper, Jonathan, Gillings, Mathew, Pace-Sigge, Michael. 2020. What do students find difficult when they read Shakespeare? Problems and solutions. Read more
2020 Archer, Dawn, Gillings, Mathew. 2020. Depictions of deception: A corpus-based analysis of five Shakespearean characters. Read more
2019 Culpeper, Jonathan, Gillings, Mathew. 2019. Pragmatics: Data trends. Read more

Chapter in edited volume

2024 Gillings, Mathew, Mautner, Gerlinde. 2024. Concordance lines: What are they and how can they be used to explore representation? In: Analysing Representation: A Corpus and Discourse Textbook. Hrsg. Heritage, Frazer, Taylor, Charlotte. Read more
2024 Gillings, Mathew. 2024. Politics, religion, and drama In: The Pragmatics of Hypocrisy. Hrsg. Sorlin, Sandrine, Virtanen, Tuija. Read more
2022 Gillings, Mathew. 2022. How to use corpus linguistics in forensic linguistics In: The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Linguistics. Hrsg. O'Keeffe , A. , McCarthy, M. . Read more
2018 Culpeper, Jonathan, Gillings, Mathew. 2018. Politeness variation in England: A north-south divide? In: Corpus Approaches to Contemporary British Speech: Sociolinguistic Studies of the Spoken BNC2014. Hrsg. Vaclav Brezina, Robbie Love, and Karin Aijmer. Read more