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The goal of the research institute is to bundle the interdisciplinary competence of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Only through an interdisciplinary approach, which considers the technical possibilities together with economic, social and legal aspects, the potential of this new technology can be met.

Prof. Alfred Taudes
Prof. Alfred Taudes

Coordinator Austrian Blockchain Center


The Research Institute is self-financed. Currently, we have the projects on the following topics.

Blockchain & Sustainability

Blockchain, widely known as an underlying technology of a cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is often addressed as a disruptive, game changing and promising technology for a variety of industrial sectors. Due to the number of its functional features, such as decentralization, auditability and persistency among others, it has potential to address social and ecological challenges according to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by United Nations - this is the Central topic of the Project "Blockchain & Sustainability"

Token Engineering

Cryptographic Tokens seem to be one of the killer applications of Blockchain, but this application is in its early stages: The community still lacks a clear taxonomy for tokens - from a business, technological and legal perspective. Beyond the lack of a clear taxonomy, there is also a lack modeling, forecasting and evaluation tools. The aim of this working group is to coordinate local activities and connect with the international community that is actively researching this topic.

Assigned Researchers

The research institute is made up of WU professors from the areas of business informatics, business administration, economics, taxation and law, who will work together with external partners to explore these questions in a multi-stakeholder approach.

Department of Economics

Department for Public Law and Tax Law

Department for Business, Employment and Social Security Law

Department for Strategie and Innovation

To guarantee a seamless and applied research, we have an advisory board made up of people from the business who are close to Blockchain technologies and still have a strong academic background.