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  • Blockchain Applications
    (selected research areas)

    • Identity & Certification
      Evaluate and develop new identity solutions.
      Decouple data storage and data verification.
      Researching decentralized reputation systems that could expand current centralized certification models

    • Supply Chain & Trade Finance
      Provenance of goods and services for certificates Provenance of goods and services for rights management Blockchain based document handling solutions Blockchain implications on trade finance

    • Business Model Research
      Disruptive potential of smart contracts New data sharing models in distributed ledgers Customer relationship management, loyalty programs, new billing and reporting models for tourism or facility management. Assessment of different types of distributed ledger technologies Classification and evaluation models for smart contracts and tokens New forms of marketing with curation markets and attention tokens Success-Factors fore new financing and crowdfunding models like ICOs Limitations & threats of blockchain based solutions

  • Microeconomic foundations of a token economy

    • Monetary theory

    • Crypto assets as a method of payment

    • Valuation models of crypto assets

    • Liquidity analysis and other monetary policy aspects
      Incentive Design & investment descision of Miners.

    • Game theoretical analysis

    • Agent based modelling

  • Technical Aspects, Business Processes & Smart Contract Security

    • Atomizing business processes through smart contracts and machine consensus.

    • Agent based systems

    • Smart contract security und formal verification

    • Smart-legal languages

  • Legal & Governance

    • Legal aspects of the use of DLT
      Private, public and tax law International and national legislation Governance and Smart Contracts Changes to the current contract paradigm as a result of DLT contracts Execution of contracts, incomplete contracts and judicial awards Self-regulatory codes of conduct
      Legal aspects of DAOs 

    • DLT and investment
      ICO/ITO and capital markets Regulatory law Company law Codes of conduct and enforcement 

    • Information Privacy and Information Security
      Right of data protection, protection of privacy and the Blockchain GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation Enforceability of data protection rights (e.g. the “Right to be forgotten”) within Blockchain systems Compromised Blockchains Smart regulation

    • Tax Law
      “Digital tax transformation”
      Income tax
      Corporate tax
      VAT implications

    • Politics
      Political implications of future legal frameworks of Cryptosystems for political and governmental processes