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Univ.Prof.Dr. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (Head of Institute)

De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics
Welthan­delsplatz 1, Build­ing D4, 2nd floor
1020 Vi­enna, Aus­tria
Phone: +43(1)31336-4530
Fax: +43(1)31336-90-4530

Of­fice hours: Wed­nes­day, 11:00 - 12:00 am

I am a pro­fessor of eco­nom­ics at the Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness. My re­search in­terests are mac­roe­co­nom­ics and ap­plied econo­met­rics.

Here you can find in­form­a­tion about my re­search and teach­ing, as well as my CV.