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FIW Project

Members of the Department of Economics cooperate on Research Project on International Trade (FIW German abbreviation) funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. The aim of the project is to build a "Center of Excellence on International Trade" and provide the appropriate infrastructure for a research community in International Trade. 

  • Project budget: €1,253,694

  • Project duration: 2013 – 2018

  • Teamleaders: Fritz Breuss (FIW, Departmet Volkswirtschaft), Harald Badinger (WU, Department Volkswirtschaft)

Three economic research and statistical institutes located in Vienna and three Austrian universities collaborate to form the FIW-Project: the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw), the Computing Centre for Economics and Social Sciences (WSR), the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz and the University of Vienna.

The Center of Excellence develops a research program which assists external political decisions and activities concerning the European Union and other multinational organisations in a sustainable fashion. It also provides access to relevant databases in an easy and transparent way and enhances the development of know-how with regard to foreign economic affairs in Austria.

The FIW Folder presents the FIW project and its constituent parts.

Following members of the Department of Economics cooperate on the FIW-Project:

Name                Research interests
Karl AigingerEuropean and Austrian Competition Policy and Regulations, Industrial Economics and Policy, Innovation and International Competition, Growth and Competitiveness
Wilfried AltzingerEuropean Economic Integration, FDI
Harald BadingerApplied Econometrics, Foreign Trade, European Integration, Open Economy Macroeconomics
Christian BellakBilateral and mulilateral agreements, determinants and effects of direct investments, policy evaluation, meta-analysis
Fritz BreussEconomic Questions of the European Union, EU-Enlargement, European Economic and Monetary Union, Foreign Trade
Jesús Crespo CuaresmaInternational Economics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Klaus GuglerIndustrial Economics, Effects of Mergers, Corporate Governance
Ingrid KubinInternational Trade Theory, New Economic Geography, Dynamic Adjustment Processes, Labour Economics
Harald OberhoferInternational trade, Multinational enterprises, Trade Policy, Industrial Economics, Applied econometrics
Hanns PichlerInternational Economic Development, International Economic Development Policy and Interdependencies, Exchange Rate Systems
Katrin RabitschInternational Macroeconomics / Finance, Quantitative Macroeconomics, Business Cycles, and Monetary Economics
Alfred SitzMonetary International Economics
Gabriele TondlForeign Trade, European Intergration