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Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Dissertation

If you are interested in a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD thesis with a crypto-economic focus, there are several options:

Directly at the research institute:

We encourage students to contact us regarding a topic for their thesis when linked to our research work at the Institute for Cryptoeconomics:

  • The thesis‘ topic has to overlap with the research field of our scientists. For this purpose, the student defines a research question that fits into this topic area.

  • After agreeing on a topic or research question, the student will write a 3-to-5-page synopsis, consisting of:


  1. Content description (subject/questioning, definition of hypothesis, description of methods)

  2. Table of contents / proposed structure of the thesis

  3. Bibliography


  • This exposé will be coordinated with the head of the institute, Prof. Alfred Taudes. After that, a commitment can be made whether the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics will supervise the work.

  • The thesis must be written in English

  • The thesis must be written using Overleaf/Latex


With university teachers assigned to the research institute:

Corresponding information, topic suggestions and contact persons can be found on the respective website of the institute.

Institut für Produktionsmanagement

Institut für Informationswirtschaft

Institut für analytische Volkswirtschaftslehre

Institut für Finance, Banking and Insurance

SBWL Rechnungslegung & Steuerlehre

Institut für Österreichisches und Europäisches Öffentliches Recht

Institut für Österreichisches und Internationales Steuerrecht

Institut für Informations und Immaterialgüterrecht

Institut für Unternehmensrecht

Institut für Entrepreneurship und Innovation

Institut für Service Marketing und Tourismus

Institut für BWL des Außenhandels