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Video Sustainable Transformation: OMV's Circular Economy Solutions by 2030

Sustainable Transformation: OMV's…

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As a partner of the WU Business Case Challenge 2024, we are proud to work directly with the next generation to shape a more sustainable future together. At OMV, we believe that innovation and collaboration are key to the transition to a circular economy.

It is our purpose to re-invent essentials for sustainable living. OMV is transitioning to become a leading sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials company with a focus on circular economy solutions, while operating today across three integrated business segments of Energy, Fuels & Feedstock, and Chemicals & Materials. By gradually switching over to low-carbon businesses, OMV is striving to achieve net zero by latest 2050. The company achieved revenues of EUR 39 billion in 2023 with a diverse and talented workforce of around 20,600 employees worldwide. Further information at www.omv.com