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[Translate to English:] Business Case Challenge 2023

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the Business Case Challenge invites students this year to put their ideas and visions into action. We are looking for young talents who are ready to transform their ecological, social, and economic ideas into a sustainable business model.

For Students: Become a Sustainability Pioneer

Your classroom turns into an innovation lab: Together with your teachers, you can set the course for a greener future. This is your chance to show how young minds can change the world for the better.

Teachers as Trailblazers: Lead Your Class to Success

Teachers play a key role in this challenge. You are the motivators and mentors who encourage and guide your students to further develop their ideas. Use this opportunity to combine practical learning with real impact, taking your students on a journey they will never forget.

How can I participate?

Every successful business idea requires implementation and a precise business plan.

You can apply either individually or together with your team (maximum of 4 persons per team).

Here are the steps to follow:

  • 1. Participate in the first online session on April 12th, as well as the second online session on April 26th.

  • 2. Attend the online session exclusively intended for students and teachers on May 17, 2024, at 6 p.m.

  • 3. Learn about the task descriptions of the different cases for the year 2024 from our partners.

  • 4. Decide which case best suits your skills and interests.

  • 5. Work on the selected case accordingly.

  • 6. Submit your elaborated case in German or English by June 2nd in a timely manner.

  • 7. Await the results from our panel of judges.

Timeline BCC 2024

Take Part!

Q & A

Do I/my class need to register?

A: No registration is required to participate in the BCC. Anyone who wishes can upload the case for award consideration before the deadline. The cases can also be used in class without participating. You can leave the submission up to the students.

Can I use the case in my class without participating?

A: Cases can be freely used.

Can I participate in the coachings without participating in the competition?

A: Yes. Please follow us on social media and register for the coachings on the website [April 12 - 18:00 -> 1st Coaching Topic: Calculations / April 26 - 18:00 -> 2nd Coaching Topic: Story-Telling / May 17 - 18:00 -> Coaching Students].

Which school year is the BCC most suitable for?

A: We recommend participating in the 4th year, but everyone is welcome to join.

Are my students good enough?

A: Everyone is good enough to participate and learn from the cases.

What if my students perform poorly?

A: Apart from the award and participation certificate, there is no feedback/ranking.

Are the coachings mandatory?

A: No.

Do all in my class have to do the same case?

A: No.

Does everyone in the class have to submit the case?

A: No, participation in the competition is optional for students. Each student or group can decide for themselves.

How much effort is it to implement the BCC in my class?

A: The effort is as much as you want it to be. You can simply inform the students about the opportunity, or you can integrate the cases into your teaching. A guide for this can be found in our Teaching Supplement.

In which languages are the cases available?

A: German & English.

Will the coachings be in German or English?

A: The coachings will be held in English to allow non-German speaking students to participate. However, questions in the Q&A sessions can be asked in German if desired.