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Fly Greener Challenge

Fly Greener Challenge by Austrian Airlines

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With the start of the WU Business Case Challenge 2024, Austrian Airlines is excited to collaborate with the next generation of leaders to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future. As Austria's flagship carrier, our mission goes beyond simply connecting people, cultures, and economies; it is about making this connection as sustainable as possible.

In our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, Austrian Airlines has taken various measures to gradually reduce our ecological footprint. These include investments in more modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, increased use of sustainable fuels, and the optimization of flight routes to reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, we are at the forefront of developing advanced emission reduction technologies and actively collaborate with the aviation sector to exchange best practices and work together on solutions.

For the Business Case Challenge 2024, we invite you to contribute to this visionary journey. Your task is to propose innovative strategies or technologies that could significantly accelerate Austrian Airlines' progress towards ambitious CO2 reduction goals. Consider areas such as sustainable aviation fuels, fleet modernization, operational efficiency, or any other area that could have a significant impact on reducing the airline's carbon footprint.

Challenge documents

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Case Summary

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The majority of air travelers state that sustainability is important to them, but currently, only about 3.5% are willing to pay the price for a flight with lower CO2 emissions. Design a business model that convinces more customers to choose sustainable products.


  • Benchmarking: Describe and evaluate the approaches of other airlines and companies in the mobility sector that rely on voluntary contributions to sustainable products.

  • Strategic Recommendations: Develop strategic recommendations for Austrian Airlines to encourage more customers to make a contribution to reducing the individual CO2 footprint of their flight without incurring competitive disadvantages.

  • Business Model: Describe a business model that allows Austrian Airlines to achieve its CO2 reduction goals, focusing on CO2 reduction through sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).


  • Feasibility of the business model

  • Degree of innovation

  • Relevance of the strategic recommendations

  • Clarity of the presentation

Allocation of prize money

in each University Case

  • 1.Place: 1.500 € + Winner's certificate

  • 2.Place. 500 € + Certificate

  • 3.Place: 500 € + Certificate

Terms of participation

Participation in the Fly Greener Case is open to all individuals in education. This primarily includes students from all disciplines and universities, as well as those in military service or social service. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, please reach out to us!

You can work either individually or in a team of up to 4 people.

Participation is now unlocked!

Deadline: June 2, 2024 - 23:55 (GMT+1)

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