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Teaching Notes

Teaching Notes

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The Business Case Challenge offers a unique platform for students to demonstrate their innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. This year, participants can choose from three exciting cases presented by leading Austrian companies: Austrian Airlines, OMV, and UNIQA. Each case presents a real-world problem requiring creative and thoughtful solutions.

What is the Business Case Challenge?

The challenge is a competition inviting students to develop their own approaches to solving actual business cases. Specific cases for Austrian Airlines, OMV, and UNIQA come with detailed descriptions outlining a particular problem to be solved. Accompanying task sheets provide comprehension questions, practical application examples, and discussion prompts to immerse students deeply into each case. Additionally, four coaching sessions offered by experts from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) provide valuable insights and tips for preparing for the challenge.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Business Case Challenge is an excellent opportunity to enrich teaching with practice-oriented learning experiences. It allows for a multimedia and interactive lesson design, where students not only develop theoretical knowledge but also methodological competence. They gain insights into the operations of large companies and engage with forward-looking topics.

Benefits for Students

  • Participation in exclusive coaching sessions

  • Networking opportunities with leading Austrian companies

  • Receipt of a participation certificate

  • Chance to win a prize of 1,000 EUR

Support for Teachers

We provide comprehensive materials and ideas to facilitate lesson preparation and design. This includes:

  • Case studies from Austrian Airlines, OMV, and UNIQA with current and future challenges

  • Task sheets with comprehension, application, and discussion questions

  • Teaching notes and supplements with guidance on integrating the Business Case Challenge into lessons, as well as information on available online resources and planned coaching sessions

How to get started?

You will find all the necessary materials and information in the documents below. Take the first step and integrate the Business Case Challenge into your lessons to offer your students an unrivalled learning experience that combines theory and practice in an innovative way.