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Socio-economic Status of Elderly People in European Metropolitan areas

How does poverty and deprivation of the elderly differ between urban and rural regions? - An empirical analysis for Austria

The article aimed at comparing characteristics that explain poverty and deprivation of the elderly (aged 55+) between urban and rural regions in Austria, utilizing data from the EU-SILC 2005 and conducting binary regression analysis. The results suggested that both individual characteristics (sex, age, health status, activity status etc.) as well as household characteristics (composition of the household, living arrangements etc.) help to explain differences between the poor elderly and the well off elderly. However, there was not much variation between urban regions (three of which have been studied) and rural areas. This suggested that differences in the composition of the population in urban and rural areas mainly accounted for the divergent poverty and deprivation rates prevalent in these regions.

Project team:

Karin Heitzmann

Franz F. Eiffe

Publications: Research Report 3/2008: (in German only)