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Sausgruber Rupert

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Univ.Prof. Dr. Rupert Sausgruber
Professor of Public Economics

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office:      D4.2.161

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WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Department of Economics
Building D4, 2nd floor
Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna

Rupert Sausgruber is professor of Public Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). He studied economics at the University of Innsbruck and at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna. His research examines how new developments in behavioral economics advance our knowledge and understanding of public economics, including taxation, redistribution, the provision of public goods, voting, tax compliance, and education and health. He was visiting researcher at a range of foreign institutions (including the Max Planck Institute for Research into Economic Systems in Jena, the Universities of Copenhagen, Michigan, Bremen, Adelaide, Amsterdam, and Arizona).

Rupert Sausgruber has published widely in renowned international journals, including general interest journals such as the Journal of the European Economic Association and the European Economic Review as well as field journals such as the Journal of Public Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, and Public Choice. He serves as member of the Editorial Board at the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (JBEE) and of the Associate Editorial Panel at International Tax and Public Finance (ITAX). He is faculty member at the Doctorate Program of International Business Taxation (DIBT), member of the Competence Center for Experimental Research (WUlabs), member of the scientific advisory board at the Vienna Behavioral Economics Network (VBEN), affiliated member at the Vienna Center for Experimental Economics (VCEE), vice-chairman of the Sozialwissenschaftlicher Ausschuss des Vereins des Socialpolitik (vfs), and board member at the Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft Österreich (NOeG).

Rupert Sausgruber is referee for numerous journals such as American Economic Review (Excellence in Refereeing Award 2012), Journal of the European Economic Association, Management Science, Review of Economic Studies, European Economic Review (Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing 2016), and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing 2017). He has been principal investigator (PI) or Co-PI for a series of research projects funded by the Austrian Science Foundation, the Austrian National Bank, and the Australian Research Council. He regularly presents his research at scientific conferences and invited seminars.

Rupert Sausgruber has many years of experience in teaching economics, particularly public and behavioral economics at all levels (BA, MA, and PhD). He is continuously committed to the promotion of young researchers. He has supervised numerous academic theses and is frequently invited as an external member of PhD or career-related committees at international universities.

Since joining WU in 2013, Rupert Sausgruber has taken on numerous management responsibilities. As of 2015, he was deputy chair at the Department of Economics; and since 2018, he has taken on the role of department chair. During his term, he has initiated, prepared and implemented a two-year, participative organizational development process that has led to a major restructuring of the Department. Since 2021, the Department of Economics with its more than 80 staff members (researchers, PhD students and administrative staff) is organized in the structure of a faculty model and operates according to the blueprint of leading international departments in economics. This includes flat hierarchies and an integrated organizational structure, joint and transparent selection procedures for MA and PhD students, joint hiring of academic staff on the international (job) market, and an efficient administrative organization involving a professional department manager and resource sharing. In 2019, the Department introduced a structured PhD program in Economics, of which Rupert Sausgruber currently serves as speaker.

Rupert Sausgruber is also involved in WU governance in a multitude of ways. He has been a member of the Academic Senate from 2018 to 2022, and he served as a member and vice chair of the Senate's Study Program Committee in 2018 and 2019. As a member of the “English-Track” working group, he was involved in the design of WU’s Bachelor Program of Business and Economics (BBE). He also has experience in international review and accreditation procedures. Among others, he was a member of a review panel for the Danish Council for Independent Research in 2016-2018, he has participated multiple times in the review of SFB/Transregio (TRR) proposals for the German DFG, and he is a regular member of scientific committees for academic conferences. In 2019, he participated in the accreditation of study programs for the agency AQAS at the University of Münster (Business Administration (B.Sc.), Economics (B.Sc./M.Sc.), Business Informatics (B.Sc.), and Information Systems(M.Sc.)).

Research Interests

  • Public Economics

  • Behavioral Economics