Research Seminar Series

The "Rese­arch Seminar" Series held by the WU's Marke­ting Depart­ment is a perfect oppor­tu­nity to connect our Faculty with top inter­na­tional scho­lars from the Marke­ting field. Influ­en­tial scho­lars from the world`s top univer­si­ties will be invited to present their latest rese­arch and to discuss the current trends and deve­lop­ments in all major areas of marke­ting rese­arch, inclu­ding Consumer Beha­vior, Marke­ting Mode­ling and Marke­ting Stra­tegy. In addi­tion to the networ­king possi­bi­li­ties, this Rese­arch Seminar Series helps the WU faculty and PhD students to keep track of the recent theo­re­tical and metho­do­lo­gical deve­lop­ments in the marke­ting commu­nity and to both seek and receive early feed­back on their own marke­ting rese­arch.

Current Agenda of the Seminar Series