Probability Models for Customer-Base Analysis

WU Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness
May 17-18, 2017

Profes­sors Peter Fader (Wharton) and Bruce Hardie (London Busi­ness School) will intro­duce the parti­ci­pants of this two-day work­shop to critical concepts and methods required to develop models for cust­o­m­er-­base analysis and to under­stand key compo­n­ents of “cust­omer life­time value” (CLV). The covered mate­rial is somewhat tech­nical, so some basic apti­tude with proba­bi­lity/statis­tics would be bene­fi­cial for parti­ci­pants (but no formal programming skills are required – ever­y­thing covered can be imple­mented in a spreads­heet). The target audi­ence is both PhD students and marke­ting acade­mics, as well as marke­ting analy­tics profes­sio­nals who want to better under­stand these models.

The work­shop will be hosted by the Marke­ting Depart­ment at WU Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness and is orga­nized in a way to allow for personal inter­ac­tions among parti­ci­pants and the faculty. The regis­tra­tion fee is EUR 160 and covers food, coffee breaks and dinner. All atten­dees must cover their travel and hotel costs. Regis­tra­tion is on a firs­t-­come, firs­t-­served basis. To get regis­tered for this work­shop please complete and submit the regis­tra­tion form.

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Prof. Peter Fader

Prof. Bruce Hardie

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Please get regis­tered for the work­shop using our regis­tra­tion form.The work­shop will take place in the premises of WU's Execu­tive Academy. Room EA.6.026Klick here for the program agenda.[The WU Campus]
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