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Sustainability and Sustainable Development

A cooperation between the competence center for Sustainability, Transformation and Responsibility and the Social Entrepreneurship Center.

Folge 42: Nancy Fraser on Climate Action for the 99%

Episode 41: Responsible Universities Shaping Sustainability with Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger

Folge 40: Activism - a road to change society and business? Giuseppe Delmestri and Daniel Gratzer in Conversation

Folge 39: Two takes on sustainable business: Alpaslan Deliloğlu and Richard Auer-Welsbach in conversation

Folge 38: A 101 on Sustainability with Prof. Sigrid Stagl

Folge 37: What can Social Entrepreneurs contribute to sustainability and transformation? - Theresa Imre & Martin Wesian

Folge 36: SDGs and Sustainable Development - Viola Christian and James Gunn

Folge 35: Teaser - Sustainability and Sustainable Development - Milda Zilinskaite and Reinhard Millner