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Digital marketing and machine learning

What is the role of machine learning in digital marketing?

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that aims to solve an older problem: the inability of computers to process large amounts of data efficiently. Machine learning requires a computer program to process huge amounts of data, but the program is not designed to process all possible information sources simultaneously. Instead, the program must process only those data points that are related to a particular answer, such as a customer's purchase history or product descriptions.

Machine learning programshave already been created to solve some of the most basic problems faced by businesses. But what is the future of machine learning in the digital marketing landscape, and how can companies use its potential to improve their performance?

In our comprehensive program, we give you an overview of current ML techniques in digital marketing, and provide you with knowledge to answer questions like:

  • How machine learning and digital marketing are transforming the marketing landscape

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning are affecting digital marketing

  • How machine learning is shaping digital marketing and decreasing marketing overhead

  • The role of machine learning in marketing

Digital marketing

A recent study shows that 70% of companies believe that marketing decisions are made based on incomplete or inaccurate information. By using machine learning, you can make smarter marketing decisions, reap the benefits of increased sales, and increase engagement scores.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is the ability to convert leads into customers. In order to increase the chances of converting a low-value customer into a high-value customer, effective digital marketers must first understand what kind of customers they are dealing with and how they interact with their personalization offerings.

The future of personalization is still heavily in development, but we can already see signs that the future of marketing will be personal. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple are already creating tools that can help you personalize your digital marketing. Machine learning is also helping personalize the customer experience.

Thus, machine learning already is a powerful marketing tool, with many applications, but it is not the only one.

Data analysis

… is also a powerful marketing tool. The use of machine learning to analyze huge swathes of data can yield incredible insights into

  • the top marketing mistakes,

  • the causes of sales declines, and

  • the solutions to solve them.

Analyzing data setsis one way machine learning is helping personalize the marketing experience for consumers. Various companies use machine learning which offers the ability to analyze huge swathes of data in a personal way. The ability to analyze huge swathes of data allows you to gain a better understanding of your customer base, develop a better sense of your prospects, and make better consumer decisions.

Top marketing analytics insights

1. Creating actionable insights

The more data you have, the better your insights are going to be. You can use machine learning to gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior and make decisions based on this. For example, you can use machine learning to create actionable insights to improve your marketing campaigns to:

  • increase conversions

  • decrease churn rates

  • increase ROI (more sales)

  • decrease marketing overhead

  • increase engagement scores

  • decrease marketing overhead

  • decrease marketing spending

  • decrease the customer churn rate

2. Improving your predictability

Machine learning software can predict the actions of your customers based on past actions and your predictions. This gives you the ability to react to these changes more quickly. For example, you can train a machine learning algorithm to analyze nearly all sorts of data to decrease marketing overhead.

3. Marketing decisions based on incomplete data

We all know how busy life can get, and how little time we have to plan ahead. To make a good marketing decision, companies need to consider the following factors:

  • The quality of data

  • The impact of the decision on the long-term future

  • The timing

  • The consistency of the decision

Analyzing data setsis a great way to get a glimpse into the psychology of your customers, and into the mistakes and potential of your business.For example, you can use data from your favorite sports team to evaluate their performance, showing:

  • The effectiveness of their coaching and training efforts

  • Whether or not their players are performing up to expectations

  • What kind of results they are looking for

  • What kinds of improvements need to be made

These data points can be used for years to come, so you can focus on the important things like performance and health.

4. Focusing on performance

Let’s say you are a sports team. You have some data about how many points were scored by your players against your team. You can use this information to develop strategies based on this data. For example, if your average game lasts 30 minutes, you could develop your strategies based on the fact that your average player scored 30 points against your team.