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Artificial intelligence applications in marketing as an essential element in our teaching programs

Students focusing on service marketing and quantitative aspects of marketing have the opportunity to choose courses at our department that address the application of artificial intelligence in marketing. As part of our diverse course offerings at the Bachelor and Master level, we enable students to gain insights into the modern data-driven marketing, which is based on state-of-the-art analytics and technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, which is an overarching term for the automation of human intelligence performance by machines, deals with complex analysis and decision-making processes, which are supported by algorithms and machines. Artificial intelligence covers a wide range of sub-areas such as machine learning or deep learning, in which the institute is also active. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly gaining importance in marketing and does not only affect certain sub-areas but can be integrated in its various fields. Customer relationship management, social media, content creation, pricing or online marketing and is therefore integrated in each step of the customer journey. More specifically, the website customer experience can be optimized by displaying personalized content to the customer. CRM messages such as push messages from the app can be sent personalized according to content and time. Intelligent chatbots can be used in customer service, or customer behavior can be analyzed with regard to the probability of cancellation. It becomes clear that countless cases are conceivable in virtually every industry.

For students, it is of great relevance to engage with future-oriented aspects of marketing. The work of marketing managers is changing dramatically, since the handling of data is becoming more and more essential, and decision-making is increasingly based on data-driven analysis supported by artificial intelligence. For students with a particular interest in the application of artificial intelligence in marketing, the Institute of Service Marketing and Tourism also offers Bachelor and Master theses on these topics.