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Eva Ascarza

Research Talk by Eva Ascarza, Harvard Business School (US)

For some time now, we had been eagerly awaiting a research talk from Eva Ascarza, the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, who finally…

Sebastian Prohaska

Final Practitioner's Talk by ithelps

Last week, we had the privilege of listening to Sebastian Prohaska from ithelps at his insightful talk "Der beste Ort eine Leiche zu verstecken ist in Google auf Seite 2" (The best place to hide a…

Markus Siuda

Practitioner's Talk by Markus Siuda/Corvis

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting Markus Siuda from Corvis at our Practitioner Seminar Series at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business). Markus delivered an engaging talk on the…

Eric Schwartz

Marketing Research Seminar Series Eric Schwartz

As our latest guest for our Research Seminar Series we welcomed Eric Schwartz from the University of Michigan. He shared his recent work on A-B testing in online advertising experiments. To test user…

Kelly D. Martin

Research Talk by Kelly D. Martin, Colorado State University (US)

We were honored to welcome Dr. Kelly D. Martin from Colorado State University as our second guest in the Research Seminars Series. Her presentation shed light on the role of customer data privacy as a…