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Benjamin Scepka

Benjamin Scepka

Benjamin Scopka

Teaching & Research Assistant

Short Bio

Benjamin Scepka is a business informatics student in his final semester, currently writing his bachelor’s thesis at the Institute of Marketing and Customer Analytics. During his studies, he specialized in “Service & Digital Marketing” and lays a focus on Text Analytics, which is also the field his thesis is located. His interests lay in Data Science and its Marketing applications, IT Management and Computer Science.

Thesis Details

The bachelor’s thesis “Tweet-based LDA: Tracking sentiments of Twitter topics modeled using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) over time” focus is to explore the sentiments that can be derived of text corpora, utilizing sentiment analysis on the Twitter topics, that have been modeled by the generative statistical model “LDA”. For Data gathering, the Twitter API is used to access and mine tweets.