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After having received your master's degree, you might consider continuing your academic studies by doing your PhD. Please bear in mind that the scope of a doctoral thesis differs considerably from that of a master's thesis.

The WU offers a doctoral programm in Social Science and Economics. You will find information on WU's doctoral studies here. The minimum duration of the doctoral program is six semesters. However, IMM students usually require eight semesters on average. This is basically due to the complexity resulting from the international scope of empirical research.

As only full and associate professors are are allowed to supervise a doctoral thesis, please address them directly with your research proposal. You should check the research interest of the individual professors and our institute's research focus in advance to ensure a fit between your research proposal and our research focus.

There are different ways to complete a PhD with our institue; either you work as research and teaching assistants at the IMM or you complete your PhD as an external PhD student (having your own funding). You will find further information on open positions at the IMM on the WU website under "Jobs".

On our Student's Platform under "PhD" you will find current information with regard to PhD courses our institute offers within the total offer of courses for PhD students.