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After successfully passing the entry test at the beginning of the new term, you will be ready to start your IMM Specialization. To obtain your degree, you will have to complete 5 courses that add up to 10 weekly hours (SWS) or 20 ECTS points.

In your first IMM term you will start with the courses Foundations and Applications, which will familiarize you with various IMM concepts and their application.

You also have to choose two electives from our wide range of courses, for example Global Branding, Global Consumer Behavior or Global Marketing Research (see course list). You can take these courses along with the Foundations and Applications courses in your first IMM term, or sign up for them in your second IMM term while also attending the Seminar: Global Business Planning. If you are planning to study a term abroad, the elective requirement can also be met with credits awarded by a foreign university, as long as they stem from courses in international marketing.

In your second IMM term, you will sign up for the Seminar: Global Business Planning where you will have to apply your IMM knowledge in a real-life, international context. The seminar includes virtual elements and you can attend the course while being abroad on exchange. The only prerequisite to participate in this class is the successful completion of the first two courses (Foundations and Applications in GMM).

Admission Requirements for BaWiSo Students:  

Please note that you must have passed the following exams/courses if you want to enroll in the IMM Bachelor Program - only then can you sign up for the IMM Bachelor Program entry test:

  • Exams covering at least 27 ECTS.

  • Out of which "Accounting & Management Control I, Accounting & Management Controll II, Wirtschaft im rechtlichen Kontext - Wirtschaftsprivatrecht I*, Statistics, Betriebliche Info-Systeme I" are compulsory.

  • Admission to examinations in Specialization in Business Administration requires the successful completion of all Business Administration examinations in the Common Body of Knowledge and the examination in Statistics.

  • Marketing Course - Dr. Margit Kastner

* does not apply to WIRE students

Admission Requirements for BBE Students:  

Please note that BBE students must have successfully passed coursework of at least 42 ECTS out of: “(i) Foundations of Business and Economics, (ii) Quantitative Methods and (iii) Business and Economics in Context” in order to be eligible to enter a specialization.

Bachelor Program Courses at IMM

For an overview of all our bachelor program courses, please follow this link to the course list.

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