Conceptualizing Consumer Animosity: In-Group Reactions to Out-Group Focused Endorsements

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Pro­fessor Dr. Mubbsher Mun­awar Khan's re­search has been chosen, by the ed­itor(s) of European Journal of Mar­ket­ing, as a Highly Com­men­ded Award win­ner of the 2011 Em­er­ald/EFMD Out­stand­ing Doc­toral Re­search Awards in the Mar­ket­ing Re­search cat­egory. [more]

Mubbsher Mun­awar Khan was Ph­D-stu­dent at the IMM till March 2011 and is now Assist­ant Pro­fessor at the Hailey Col­lege of Com­merce of the Uni­versity of the Pun­jab in Pakistan.