IMM Business Club

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The IMM Busi­ness Club is the stu­dent and alumni as­so­ci­ation of the In­sti­tute for In­ter­na­tional Mar­ket­ing Man­age­ment (IMM).

It serves as a net­work­ing plat­form for cur­rent IM­M-Stu­dents, IM­M-­Gradu­ates and Cor­por­ate Part­ners. Cur­rently, the IMM Busi­ness Club has more than 450 mem­bers and senior mem­bers and is grow­ing stead­ily.

The aims of the IMM Busi­ness Club are


  • nur­tur­ing the dia­logue between aca­demic the­ory and busi­ness prac­tice,


  • devel­op­ing an ex­per­i­ence and know­ledge pool


  • and provid­ing a net­work­ing plat­form.


To achieve these goals, we of­fer a wide range of events and in­form­a­tion ser­vices to pro­mote busi­ness and ca­reer devel­op­ment bey­ond uni­versity bound­ar­ies.