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Joint research projects

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Market research projects are often resource-intensive. IMM is able to offer an ideal solution to this problem. Led by skilled faculty, students who are about to finish their studies and are eager to apply their skills to practical problems will work in groups to solve your market research challenges. The research teams often include experienced students from the geographic area under investigation. You will receive a comprehensive information package consisting of final oral presentations of the results and additional written reports.

These research projects might be of interest to you in light of your research objectives, if

  • You want to gain alternative insight into the topic at hand

  • You need additional, qualified manpower to conduct your market research

  • Your research objectives address a broad scope and/or span a large geographical area

Joint research projects offer the following advantages to you:

  • Cost-efficient solution to have students work on research objectives

  • A fresh and innovative approach to your research problems

  • Screen potential employees while they are working on specific project tasks

  • under experienced faculty supervision