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Company Benefits

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Access to state-of-the-art expertise and international experience

IMM faculty has many years of experience in running successful projects, both in the world of academia and in practice. Hence it can be said that we are very familiar with business challenges and solutions. For further information on faculty member expertise, please check the members’ respective biographies.

Contacts around the world

We carry out international projects around the globe. Assisted by our numerous research and conference contacts, we can draw upon adequate support from these partners if it is conducive to the project’s successful completion.

Operative support by our students

For our projects we draw upon students who have gained a thorough education in international marketing at IMM. Students are offered participation in external projects as a reward for exceptional study results and are thus highly qualified and motivated.

Efficient project work

The participation of students enables cost-efficient market research projects, even if a major research effort is required.

Screening potential employees

Integrating students into a project gives you the opportunity to consider them as potential employees without having to make a long-term commitment.

Download our detailed project example with Boehringer Ingelheim: