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IMM Entry Exam 2021

Our next IMM entry exam will be held online on Monday, 8th February from 9. 30 am – 10.30 am.

eWorld Marketing Summit

Professor Schlegelmilch was invited to speak at Philip Kotler‘s Electronic World Marketing Summit. This event was streamed to some 1,500,000 participants in 104 countries. The topic of his talk was…

IMM Entry Exam 2020/'21 - Einsicht

„Einsicht“ for the Winter Semester 2020/'21 Entry Exam will be held on Wednesday, 16th September from 11am to 12 noon at the IMM Institute, Building D2 Entrance A. Please register via e-mail to Pamela…

New Book: Global Marketing Strategy: A Digest for Chinese Managers

Professor Schlegelmilch is pleased to announce his first book in Chinese (Mandarin) titled Global Marketing Strategy: A Digest for Chinese Managers. Schlegelmilch, B.B. and WU, H., 全球营销战略  执行官指南…