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Online Proceedings 2010

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IACCM Online Conference Proceedings June 2010

Amed, S.: Organisation Culture and its influence on Knowledge Sharing: Relevance of a
framework in virtual group

Boskamp, A. M.: Influence of Techno Economical and Emotional Factors for
Decisions on Industrial Environmental Investment Projects

Baca-Greif, H. L.; Jensen, M. S.: Knowledge Management as a facilitator of Cross-
Cultural Communication

Bell, R.: Paradoxical interpretations of Value Dimensions by students: how to avoid the
“etic” trap

Corporaal, G.; Ybema, S.: Engaging cultural boundaries: Intercultural collaboration
at Mirai Corporation

Eisenberg, J.: The Ideal Manager in Austria and Germany: A Comparative Analysis across
Two Decades

Fink, G.; Yolles, M.: ‘Narratives, Paradigms and Change – the Issue of

Fink, G.; Dauber, D.; Yolles, M.: ‘Understanding organisational culture as a
trait theory’

Karabag, A.: Critical barrier and success factors for implementing knowledge management
in organisations

Kazantzi, K.: Do we need any more hierarchical structures?”

Kemppainen, R. P.: Cross-cultural management: Focus on cross-cultural competencies
and knowledge transfer

Kuznetsov, A.; Kuznetsova, O.: Looking for Ways to Increase Student Satisfaction:
Internationalisation and Value Innovation

Kaupat, P.; Langer, N.; Lang, R.: Intercultural Training as Part of the Bachelor
Degree Programme of Management and Economics at the Chemnitz University of

Magala, S. J.: Cultural Climate Change & the Cross-Cultural Reflexivity

Maimone, F.: The role of informal networks in knowledge sharing in transnational

Rybnikova, I.; Obermeit, T.: The good soldier svejk learns cross-cultural

Romani, L.: The hidden side of cross-cultural management

Singh, R.: International trade and cultural dissidence: consequences of communicational
differences and expatriate failure

Tavernier, A.: How to survive your boss- Coping Strategies of Individuals with ineffective

Yolles, M.; Sawagvudcharee, O.; Fink, G.: Understanding Corporate Paradigm