Can I use or visit the WU University Archives even though I’m not a WU student?

Of course. The WU University Archives is open to anyone upon prior appointment by phone or in writing. Please note, however, that the records you’re looking for may be subject to a confidentiality period and that the terms and conditions of the WU University Archives apply.

How should I prepare for my visit to the WU University Archives?

If you’re working on an academic research project, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the existing literature on WU’s history before contacting or visiting the WU University Archives. When you make a request, please make sure to state your interest as precisely as possible. This will allow us to provide you with information that is as specific and pertinent as possible.

What are the opening hours of the WU University Archives?

Upon prior appointment, the WU University Archives is open to visitors Monday to Friday. The archives remain closed on public holidays. Please contact our staff.

Where is the WU University Archives?

The WU University Archives is located in the Library & Learning Center (LC) on Campus WU. When you enter the foyer of the building, walk up the ramp on the right. Pass by the University Library entrance and the book return machines, turn to the left and use the electronic registration system to contact Regina Zodl or Johannes Koll. To announce your visit by cell phone, please use the phone extensions indicated on our contact page.

How do I find my way around the archives?

The WU University Archives staff is available to assist you in retrieving archived records of the Imperial Export Academy, the University of World Trade, and WU. The more precisely you describe what it is you’re looking for, the faster we’ll be able to determine whether it is available in the WU University Archives. To view selected digitized records from WU’s history, please click here.

How do I use archived materials?

Food, drinks, and smoking are prohibited in the WU University Archives. Visitors are obligated to behave respectfully towards other visitors and staff and to handle the archived materials with care.

It is forbidden to write any notes on the archived items. Don’t write on paper placed on top of archived materials, don’t use tracing paper or similar items to copy the contents of archived records, and make sure to handle the materials carefully. The system according to which the records are ordered and classified must not be altered in any way. The removal of any records from the archives will be regarded as theft and dealt with accordingly.

Please use only pencils for any notes you need to take while working in the reading room.

For more detailed information, please access item 5.2.4. of the archive regulations.

May I use a laptop or a device with a camera function in the archives?

Laptops may be used without any restrictions in the WU University Archives. The use of devices with a camera function is only allowed if it is in compliance with the applicable privacy and archiving regulations and upon prior approval by WU University Archives staff.

Can I have archived records sent to me by mail?

No, you can only view our records in the reading room.

Exceptions are possible, however, for staff members of WU’s academic and administrative units who need access to archived materials for work-related purposes. For more information, please contact the WU University Archives team.