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Welcome to the Institute of Analytical Economics

Mis­sion State­ment

The In­sti­tute for Ana­lyt­ical Eco­nom­ics is part of the De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics.

Mem­bers of the In­sti­tute for Ana­lyt­ical Eco­nom­ics work on a broad spec­trum of top­ics in mod­ern eco­nomic the­ory and policy. Our meth­ods are primar­ily the­or­et­ical, mod­el-­based ana­lysis, com­ple­men­ted by em­pir­ical and ex­per­i­mental stud­ies. Cur­rent re­search top­ics in­clude

  • Evolu­tion­ary, be­ha­vi­oral, and ex­per­i­mental game-­the­or­et­ical ap­proaches to the emer­gence of co­oper­a­tion and trust in stra­tegic in­ter­ac­tions. (Ul­rich Ber­ger, Peter Bed­narik)

  • Mi­croe­co­nomic found­a­tions of the mon­et­ary and fin­an­cial sector from a reg­u­lat­ory per­spect­ive. (Guido Schäfer)

  • The­ory and policy of so­cial se­cur­ity, espe­cially the ana­lysis of in­ter­ac­tions between so­cial se­cur­ity sys­tems, the labor mar­ket, and the cap­ital mar­ket, and the ques­tion of so­cial se­cur­ity re­form in re­sponse to demo­graphic change. (G. Mi­chael Wink­ler)

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