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Univ.Prof. Dr. Christoph Weiss

Christoph Weiss

Phone:   +43 1 31336 - 4503
Fax:        +43 1 31336 - 904503
Email:     cweis­

Room:    D4.1.018

Con­sulta­tion hours: Thursday, 11:00 - 12:00 am

There are no con­sulta­tion hours dur­ing the hol­i­days.

Next con­sulta­tion hour Thursday 11.01.2018

Pro­fessor of Eco­nom­ics
Head of the In­sti­tute for Eco­nomic Policy and In­dus­trial Eco­nom­ics

Short Bio­graphy

  • 1992 PhD in Eco­nom­ics, Uni­versity of Linz, Aus­tria.

  • 1993 - 1994 Vis­it­ing Fel­low, De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics, Har­vard Uni­versity, Cam­bridge, U.S.A.

  • 1997 Vis­it­ing Pro­fessor ('Lehr­stuhlver­tre­tung'), In­sti­tute of Ag­ri­cul­tural and En­vir­on­mental Eco­nom­ics, Uni­versity of Giessen, Ger­many.

  • 1998 - 1999 Vis­it­ing Pro­fessor ('Lehr­stuhlver­tre­tung'), In­sti­tute of Food Eco­nom­ics and Con­sump­tion Stud­ies, Uni­versity of Kiel, Ger­many.

  • 1999 'Hab­il­it­a­tion' in Eco­nom­ics, Uni­versity of Linz, Aus­tria. Topic of Hab­il­it­a­tion: 'Flex­ib­ilität und Wettbe­w­erb: Eine the­or­et­ische und em­pir­ische Ana­lyse'

  • 1999 - 2002: Full Pro­fessor (C4), In­sti­tute of Food Eco­nom­ics and Con­sump­tion Stud­ies, Uni­versity of Kiel, Ger­many.

  • 2002 - : Full Pro­fessor (Univ.Prof.), De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics, Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness (WU), Vi­enna, Aus­tria.

  • 2005: Vis­it­ing Scholar, In­sti­tute for European Stud­ies, Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Berke­ley, U.S.A.

  • 2013 - 2014: Vis­it­ing Fel­low, School of Eco­nom­ics and Fin­ance, Queensland Uni­versity of Tech­no­logy, Bris­bane, Aus­tralia.

  • Since 2012: Vis­it­ing Pro­fessor, In­sti­tute of Eco­nomic Policy, Eco­nom­ics Uni­versity Brat­is­lava ('Eko­nomická Uni­verz­ita Brat­is­lava'), Slov­akia.


In­dus­trial Or­gan­iz­a­tion, Eco­nomic Policy, Food and Ag­ri­cul­tural Eco­nom­ics.

Pro­fes­sional Activ­it­ies

Re­cent Pub­lic­a­tions (se­lec­tion)

  • Mar­ket struc­ture and com­pet­i­tion in trans­ition: res­ults from a spa­tial ana­lysis. Ap­plied Eco­nom­ics, 2018, Vol. 50, pp. 1694-1715 (to­gether with Martin Lábaj, Karol Mor­vay, Peter Sil­anič and Bili­ana Yontcheva).

  • Asym­met­ric Cost Pass-­Through? Em­pir­ical Evid­ence on the Role of Mar­ket Power, Search and Menu Costs. Journal of Eco­nomic Be­ha­vior and Or­gan­isa­tion, 2016, Vol. 123, pp. 184-192 (to­gether with J.P.Loy and Tho­mas Glauben).

  • Net­work Cent­ral­ity and Mar­ket Prices: Em­pir­ical Evid­ence. Eco­nom­ics Let­ters, 2016, Vol. 39, pp. 79-83 (to­gether with Di­eter Pen­ner­storfer and Mat­thias Firgo).

  • Time as a Stra­tegic Vari­able: Busi­ness Hours in the Gas­ol­ine Mar­ket. Ap­plied Eco­nom­ics Let­ters, 2016, Vol. 23(15), pp. 1051-1056 (to­gether with Ag­nes Kügler).

  • Cent­ral­ity and Pri­cing in Spa­tially Dif­fer­en­ti­ated Mar­kets: The Case of Gas­ol­ine. In­ter­na­tional Journal of In­dus­trial Or­gan­iz­a­tion, 2015, pp. 81-90 (to­gether with Di­eter Pen­ner­storfer and Mat­thias Firgo).

  • Price Pro­mo­tions and Brand Loy­alty: Em­pir­ical Evid­ence for the Ger­man Ready-to-Eat Cer­eal Mar­ket. European Journal of Mar­ket­ing, 2015, 49(5/6), pp. 736-759 (to­gether with Jan­ine Em­pen and Jens-­Peter Loy).

  • A Sealed-­bid Double Auc­tion Ex­per­i­ment on Ger­man Milk Quota Ex­changes. Journal of Ag­ri­cul­tural Eco­nom­ics, 2014, 65(2), pp. 420-445 to­gether with Tho­mas Glauben, Jens-­Peter Loy and Till Re­quate.

 You will find a com­plete list of my pub­lic­a­tions in fides-d­aten­bank.