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Finished Diploma Thesis

Author Title
Mag. Aigner LL.M. Felix The phenomenon of climate change and pollution: the economic and legal view of environmental instruments
Altenburger Stefan Behavioral Finance - Urteilsvermögen und Wahrnehmungsverzerrungen insbesondere bei Experten des Finanzsektors
Amstötter Michaela False Incentive Effects of the Austrian Health Care System Exemplified by Measures Concerning Breast Cancer
Bartmann Martin Oligopoly competition between one profit- maximising and one labor- managed firm
Bauer Francisca The impact of the deregulation of the Austrian electricity market
Berghuber Bernd Liberalization in Central and Eastern Europe to attract FDI technical mobility of firms as a precondition for locational competition
Bremberger Christoph The impact of the deregulation of the Austrian electricity market
Dornetshumer Elisabeth Defining the relevant market and measuring market power in the public transportation sector
Dusanic Arsenije Private and state ownership in oil and gas industry - differences in profits, management design and political governance
Exenberger Roman Market Dominance on the POS Market in Austria
Fahrner Daniela Price Cap-Regulierung in Netzwerkindustrien
Firgo Matthias Neighborhood effects on corruption. Dynamic simulatation models using cellular automata
Flaschberger Werner  The negative income tax as approach for social problems
Fritz Michael European emission trading system
Gruber Norbert  The relevance of the Lisbon strategy for consolidations and growth
Hinteregger Manfred The elusive measurement of social welfare (?) A new composite index for human well-being
Hochgerner Jürgen Measuring the advantages of tax incentives for research and development
Höllriegl Helmut The changes in regulation of public utilities and their effects on the investment behaviour of the regulated firms - a comparison of the regulatory systems for electricity distribution networks in Austria and Great Britain
Hofer Maria Diversification in the agrarian sector: which influence does the farmers' education level have according to his willingness toward diversification?
Hopfgartner Maria Theresia Switching costs and their impact on the intensity of competition of Austria's electricity market
Huber Andreas Weinpreise: Qualität und Reputation als Determinanten des Weinpreises inklusive einer hedonischen Preisanalyse des österreichischen Flaschenweinmarktes
Jost Bernd Why are diesel prices dispersed? Theoretical models and empirical results of price dispersion on the Austrian gasoline retail market
Kasal Robert The influence of corruption on economic growth and the various components of government expenditure
Kaszoni Akos The relevance of a 'frontier'-strategy for a high-income country. Particularly considering the position of Austria
Katter Christian Fixed book prices: economic motives and the effects of a vertical restraint
Kimmel Alexandra Inducement to establish a cooperative in Cournot - and Bertrand markets
Kirschner Robert  An industrial economic view on the Austrian retail banking market
Koch Birgit The kinky demand curve. An empirical study of the fuels market
König Jonathan Competitor analysis in two-sided markets - the merger case travelport/worldspan
Kügler Agnes Corruption. An analysis of causes with particular regard to spillover-effects
Kurka Sabine An empirical study of family business succession in the hotel sector
Lasser Gabriele The connection between ownership and management in family business and its effects
Meister Michaela Austro-Keynesianism: an analysis of the goals and tools of the economic policy and its impact on unemployment and government debt
Moser Stefan Performance of Austrian firms: an empirical research about the different developments between organic and conventional firms
Mühlmann Richard Open-Source-Software und Intellectual Property Rights
Müller Elmar Measuring of the intensity of competition at banana import markets: an empirical analysis
Muranovic Jasmin Foreign direct investment in Croatia
Naegerl Harald Ineffizienz im öffentlichen und privaten Sektor im Rahmen staatlicher Tätigkeit
Penninger Michael Definition of the relevant market for the calculation of market dominance at the Austrian gas station sector for final consumers
Poor Christoph The influence of exchange risk on the Austrian FDI in the USA
Prammer Jakob Evidence-based estimation of market power: an investigation of the banana price cartel in the European Union between 2000 and 2002
Rabl Thomas  New technology adoption in production illustrated by the example of image processing
Rajnai Nikolett The live-music-sector in the era of digitalization
Rangl Katharina The "Lombard-Club"
Redlein Christine Convergence in international food consumption. Do food consumption structures converge internationally? An empirical analysis of the OECD countries
Riegler Robert The measurement of FDI
Rohrer Tom Competition and growth: theoretical controversy meets empirical evidence
Rossak Stefanie  Forschungs- und Innovationsprozesse in Multinationalen Unternehmen. Dargestellt am Beispiel der in Österreich ansässigen Unternehmen der Biotechnologie-, Pharma- und Telekommunikationsindustrie
Rumpler Christoph Privatization of industrial enterprises from an economic perspective
Sandorcin Mikulas Industrial parks in Slovakia: analysis of the supply of industrial parks and the characteristic of resident enterprises
Scheiblhofer Jürgen Die Häufigkeit von Preisanpassungen: unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Hazardfunktionen
Schöller Martin The effective tax burden in Estonia between 1995 and 2006
Sickinger Thomas Succession and firm performance - a literature survey
Sim Ernst Peter Regulation of natural monopolies in consideration of product quality
Simhandl Lukas An industrial economic view on the Austrian retail banking market
Simoncsics Klaus  The use of timber as a source of energy for Austria from a politico-economic point of view
Stachova Lenka Trends und Perspektiven der chinesischen Wirtschaftspolitik: "Der duale Arbeitsmarkt in der VR China"
Steiner Marion Biofuel blending mandates in the European Union and its effects on fuel prices
Stojanovic Danilo The optimal transfer time of wealth from the aspect of the estate and gift tax
Taskin Oliver The impact of spatial, macroeconomical and country-specific factors on international mergers and acquisitions - basic principles and an empirical analysis in appliance of the gravity model
Vasilache Ana Maria The effects of network externalities on standardization and competition
Vujakovic Petra  How to measure globalization? A new globalization index
Wedam Esra-Maria Museum values and cultural politics. Indications of the valorization of museums in Austria and the Netherlands
Ziehengraser Paul Incentive regulation in the Austrian gas industry
Zimm Sophie Technological catch-up and the ICT sector as motor for economic growth in Malaysia and Mauritius