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Institute for Institutional and Heterodox Economics

Where you can find us:

Welthan­delsplatz 1/ Build­ing D4/ Level 2
1020 Vi­enna

Tel.: +43-1/31336-4515
Fax: +43-1/31336-904515
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Mis­sion State­ment

Our fac­ulty and staff con­cen­trate on is­sues rel­ev­ant to the cur­rent eco­nomic situ­ation. Main­stream eco­nomic meth­ods are char­ac­ter­ized by an in­di­vidu­al­istic per­spect­ive. However, ex­plan­a­tion vari­ables for eco­nomic pro­cesses can­not be based solely on "in­di­vidual ra­tional be­ha­vior". Thus the lo­gical next step is to pur­sue the ques­tion of what de­termines eco­nomic be­ha­vior, and on which factors it is in­sti­tu­tion­ally and cul­tur­ally based. We con­cen­trate on these neg­lected is­sues from the per­spect­ive of Polit­ical Eco­nom­ics, the the­ory of the in­sep­ar­able in­flu­ences that polit­ical, so­cial, cul­tural and polit­ical com­pon­ents have on the economy.

Our main re­search areas are:


  • In­sti­tu­tional and evolu­tion­ary eco­nom­ics


  • Al­tern­at­ive polit­ical eco­nom­ics


  • His­tory of eco­nomic thought


  • Polit­ical economy of the me­dia


  • Sus­tain­able devel­op­ment


  • Fem­in­ist aspects of polit­ical eco­nom­ics / fem­in­ist eco­nom­ics


  • Glob­al­iz­a­tion


  • Epistem­ics and eco­nom­ics


Em­phasis in Teach­ing

In teach­ing, a prac­tical ap­proach is used to make the the­or­ies of in­sti­tu­tional and evolu­tion­ary eco­nom­ics, al­tern­at­ive polit­ical eco­nom­ics, his­tory of eco­nomic thought, polit­ical economy of the me­dia, sus­tain­able devel­op­ment, fem­in­ist eco­nom­ics, glob­al­iz­a­tion, and epistem­ics ac­cess­ible to stu­dents.

Em­phasis in Re­search

  • In­sti­tu­tional and Evolu­tion­ary Eco­nom­ics

  • Het­ero­dox Polit­ical Economy

  • His­tory of Eco­nomic Thought

  • Polit­ical Economy of the Me­dia

  • Fem­in­ist Eco­nom­ics

  • Glob­al­iz­a­tion

  • Epistem­ics and Eco­nom­ics