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Birgit Hollaus, LL.M. (WU)

Birgit Hollaus, LL.M. (WU)
Birgit Hollaus, LL.M. (WU)

Biographical Sketch

Birgit is a Teaching and Research Associate and doctoral candidate at the Institute for Law and Governance at WU Vienna University for Economics and Business (WU Vienna). She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Law from WU Vienna. Her Bachelor’s thesis on species protection law in urban environments has received the Research Award of the Environmental Protection Department of the City of Vienna. Birgit is a member of the European Environmental Law Forum (EELF) and the Climate Change Centre Austria Working Group on Climate Change Law (ARGE KlimaSchutzRecht).

Alongside her academic work, she has gained insightful experience in the public sector as an intern at the environmental law division of Vienna’s environmental protection authority (MA 22). More recently, she also built expertise in an international work setting as a legal intern at renowned environmental law NGO ClientEarth London. Prior to joining WU Vienna, she has worked for Vasko+Partner Civil Engineers where she has acquired invaluable project management skills.

Research Interests

Birgit’s research interests include questions of national and European environmental, planning and infrastructure law, in particular aspects of public participation and access to justice. Her previous work included an investigation of risk governance in the EU, using the example of genetically modified organisms. More recently, she has completed work on the Aarhus Convention and its implications for public participation and access to justice at the national level.

In her doctoral thesis, Birgit focuses on compliance mechanisms in multilateral environmental agreements such as the Paris Agreement or CITES. In doing so, she investigates how the EU and its legal order interact with such compliance mechanisms and their non-compliance decisions.

Selected Publications and Research Projects

  • Hollaus, Was lange währt, wird endlich gut? Zur dezentralen Umsetzung der Aarhus-Konvention in Österreich, Zeitschrift für Europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht 2019, 169-184.

  • Hollaus, Austrian Constitutional Court: Considering Climate Change as a Public Interest is Arbitrary – Refusal of Third Runway Permit Annulled, International Constitutional Law Journal 2017, 467-477.

  • Hollaus, Globaler Klimaschutz in der Krise: Das Pariser Übereinkommen als Ausweg aus der "Krise²"? in Forster et al (Hrsg), Recht und Krise, (erscheinend).

  • Hollaus, Das Opt-out vom GVO-Anbau: Die Lösung aller Probleme? Zeitschrift für Europäisches Umwelt- und Planungsrecht 2016, 131-143.

  • Büchl-Krammerstätter/Hollaus/Kroneder/Schleicher, Natur- und Baumschutzrecht, in Holoubek/Madner/Pauer (Hrsg), Recht und Verwaltung in Wien - Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Praxis 2014, 667-691.


A comprehensive list of research projects in which Birgit Hollaus is involved as well as a list of her publications can be found in the FIDES documentation.