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Johanna Ayrault, PhD

Johanna AYRAULT, PhD

Johanna AYRAULT, PhD

Biographical Sketch

  • Current position: Post-doc research assistant at MINES Paris - PSL (FR) and the Research Institute for Urban Management & Governance, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • 2019-2022: PhD in management sciences ("Valuating co-creation and co-creating valuations in sustainable public infrastructures: The case of district heating") at MINES Paris - PSL and Engie (FR)

  • 2018-2019: Studies of management of organizations and public policies at MINES Paris - PSL (FR)

  • 2016-2019: Studies of science and executive engineering (major in public affairs and innovation) at MINES Paris - PSL (FR)

Research Interests

Johanna's research interest revolves around collaborations for innovative local energy systems (specifically district heating). She is particularly interested in the instruments used to frame and secure collaborations.

Research and Publications

A comprehensive list of research projects in which Johanna Ayrault is involved in as well as a list of her publications can be found in the PURE documentation.