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WU Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law - European and International Tax Law and Policy Series

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Vol. 28: Kofler/Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer/Szudoczky, Priority Rules In Tax Treaties – The Relation Between the Different Distributive Rules in the OECD and the UN Model Convention

Vol. 27: Streicher, Cross-Border Juridical VAT Double Taxation in the Framework of European Law

Vol. 26: Kofler/Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer/Szudoczky, Mandatory Disclosure Rules

Vol. 25: Blum, Normativity in International Tax Law - A Legal Theoretical Inquiry into Contemporary International Tax Discourse

Vol. 24: Kofler/Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer, Exemption Method and Credit Method: The Application of Art. 23 OECD Model Convention

Vol. 23: Miladinovic, Selectivity and the Arm's Length Principle In EU State Aid Law

Vol. 22: Peng, Location-Specific Advantages: Modified Application of the Arm's Length Principle in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Vol. 21: Kofler/Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer, The Implementation and Lasting Effects of the Multilateral Instrument

Vol. 20: Lang/Reimer, The History of Double Taxation Conventions in the Pre-BEPS Era

Vol. 19: Kofler/Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer, Taxes Covered under Article 2 of the OECD Model, 2021

Vol. 18: Kofler/Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer, Tax Treaties and Procedural Law

Vol. 17: Kofler/Krever/Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Spies/Staringer, Controlled Foreign Company Legislation

Vol. 16: Van West, The Anti-Abuse Rule for Permanent Establishments Situated in Third States

Vol. 15: Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer/Storck, Tax Treaty Arbitration

Vol. 14: Schoueri, Conflicts of International Legal Frameworks in the Area of Harmful Tax Competition

Vol. 13: Spies, Permanent Establishments in Value Added Tax

Vol. 12: Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer, Implementing Key BEPS Actions: Where Do We Stand?

Vol. 11: Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer, Tax Treaty Entitlement

Vol.10: Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer, Data Protection and Taxpayers’ Rights: Challenges Created by Automatic Exchange of Information

Vol.9: Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer, Improving Tax Compliance in a Globalized World

Vol.8: Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer, The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Taxation

Vol.7: Lang/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/StaringerThe UN Model Convention and Its Relevance for the Global Tax Treaty Network

Vol.6: Schaffer, Domestic Attribution of Income and Taxation of International Entertainers and Sportspersons

Vol.5: Pankiv, Contemporary Application of the Arm’s Length Principle in Transfer Pricing

Vol.4: Lang/Owens/Pistone/Rust/Schuch/Staringer/Storck, Trends and Players in Tax Policy

Vol.3: Lang/Rust/Owens/Pistone/Schuch/Staringer, GAARs - A Key Element of Tax Systems in the Post-BEPS World

Vol.2: Lang/Owens, International Arbitration in Tax Matters

Vol.1: PamperlArticle 16 of the OECD Model Convention: History, Scope and Future