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Ernst Mach Grants FAQ

The application has to be done online. Are any documents required in hardcopy (printout) as well?

Which are the documents/evidence for the application?

My documents (especially: University certificates) are in my language. Are they acceptable?

Who is eligible to apply?

I'm not a doctoral student/PhD candidate, but still a bachelor. Am I eligible?

I already completed my master studies but I am not yet registered in an ordinary PhD program; I will be registered by the time I will start my research. Am I eligible?

Is it possible / permitted to do part-time research and part-time work during my Ernst Mach stay?

I'm a bit older than the age limit. Is there a way around this?

I do not speak any German but I'm fluent in English. Am I eligible?

How does the application process work?

Is it possible to change the date of the stay after having gotten the grant?

For me it would best to start on Sept. 1 already. Is this possible?