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Prof. Tracy Kaye

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„PwC Visiting Professor“ at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law in summer term 2012.

Dr. iuris (Washington DC, 1991), MSc in Taxation (Chicago, 1984); Tax Manager at a tax office in Boston and Chicago (1981-1987). In 1987 she became Legislative Assistant for Taxes and Budget to Senator John. C. Danforth, Member of the Senate Finance Committee. In 2001 she was appointed Professor of Law at Seton Hall University School of Law. She is an international visiting professor for taxation topics in Austria, Italy, China, Germany and the Netherlands. She is publisher of several articles on international taxation issues.
Chair of the Teaching Taxation Committee, Tax section, of the American Bar Association (2009-2011), Member of the European Association of Tax Law Professors and the Association of American Law School Professors.