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Since 1991 he has reported at numerous international tax seminars and conferences, including:

i. European Association of Tax Law Professors (EN)

  • Peer-Review in Tax Law – Academic Topic, Milan (Italy), 2015 Congress, 30.5.2015

  • The Burden of Proof in European Tax Law, Uppsala (Sweden), 2011 Congress, 3.6.2011

  • Retroactivity in tax law and the ECJ judgments, Leuven (Belgium), 2010 Congress, 27.5.2010

  • Peer-Reviewing in Tax Journals in Europe: the Case of Intertax (with Ana Paula Dourado), Santiago de Compostela, 2009 Congress, 3.6.2009

  • European Tax Law: Quo Vadis?, Helsinki (Finland), 2007 Congress, 8.6.2007

  • International Accounting and Tax Accounting Cologne (Germany) 2004 Congress

ii. International Fiscal Association - IFA (EN)

Worldwide Meetings

  • 2015 Basel Congress – Co-General Reporter of the Main Topic “The Practical Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights”

  • 2014 Mumbai Congress – Chairman of the panel IFA-EU on the relations between BEPS and EU Law

  • 2013 Copenhagen Congress - Inaugural speech 25.8.2013

  • 2010 Rome Congress - Chairmen of the Seminar "Tax Havens" 2.9.2010

  • 2008 Brussels Congress - Seminar "The Use of Foreign Court Decisions in the Interpretation of Tax Treaties"

  • 2006 Amsterdam Congress - Breakout Session 2B "The Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments: EC Law and Non-discrimination Issues"

  • 2000 Munich Congress - Seminar on "Currency Exchange Gains and Losses"

David Tillinghast Special Conferences

  • 2013 Sao Paulo Conference on “International Tax Principles in BRICS and OECD Countries: Convergences and Divergences”. Report on “Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Transparency and Exchange of Information”

Regional Meetings

  • 2008 Italy-Switzerland Meeting, held in Stresa

  • 2002 Belgium-France-Italy Triangular Meeting, held in Brussels

  • 2000 Belgium-Italy Bilateral Meeting, held in Venice

National Meetings

  • 2013 Russian Branch (Moscow) - Beneficial ownership in international taxation (4.6.2013)

  • 2010 Australian Branch (Melbourne) - Selected Issues on Arbitration in Tax Treaties (8.2.2010)

iii. Latin American Institute for Tax Law/Instituto Latino Americano de Derecho Tributario - ILADT (ES/PT)

  • 2016 XXIX Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Derecho Tributario, Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) – General reporter on Main Topic Problemáticas actuales y nuevas fronteras de los medios de impugnación nacionales e internacionales (November 2016)

  • 2015 XXVIII Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Derecho Tributario, Mexico D.F. (Mexico) – Chairman of the panel “BEPS y el Modelo de Convenio del ILADT” (11.11.2015)

  • 2014 XXVII Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Derecho Tributario, Lima (Peru) - Chairman of the panel "La responsabibilidad tributaria" (1.09.2014) and Speaker on the panel "Modelo Bilateral de convenio para Evitar Doble Imposición ILADT" (4.09.2014)

  • 2012 XXVI Jornadas Santiago de Compostela (Spain) - Panel Member of the Seminar on the Latin American Model Tax Convention (3.9.2012)

  • 2010 XXV Jornadas Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) - Report at Seminar for the Presentation of the Latin American Model Tax Convention (15.2.2010)

  • 2008 XXIV Jornadas Isla Margarita (Venezuela) 19.-24.10.2008 - General Reporter on "Los principios constitucionales ante las nuevas formas de imposicion sobre la renta"

  • 2006 XXIII Jornadas Córdoba (Argentina) 26.10.2006 - Report at Seminar "La interpretación y aplicación de los convenios internacionales de doble imposición"

  • 2004 XXII Jornadas Quito (Ecuador). Italian National Reporter on El arbitraje fiscal internacional. President of the Commission drafting the Recommendations on Main Topic "El IVA en las relaciones internacionales"

  • 2002 XXI Jornadas Genoa (Italy);

  • 2000 XX Jornadas Salvador de Bahia (Brazil);

  • 1998 XIX Jornadas Lisbon (Portugal) Report on Main Topic "Criminal Tax Sanctions"

  • 1996 XVIII Jornadas Montevideo (Uruguay);

  • 1995 XVII Jornadas Cartagena de Indias (Colombia);

  • 1993 XVI Jornadas, Lima (Peru) - Report on Seminar: "Los delitos tributarios".

iv. European institutions

European Commission

  • Member of the drafting committee of the Expert Group on Cross-Border Tax Obstacles of Individuals in the European Union (2015)

  • Report "The jurisprudential impact of ECJ decisions", Fiscalis Seminar on "The interpretation and the implementation by Member States' Tax Courts of Principles Established by ECJ Case Law" - Luxembourg, 10.-12.12.2008 (EN)

  • Report on "Tax Treaties and the Internal Market", Fiscalis Seminar on Tax Treaties and EC Law, Malta, 4.-7.10.2006 (EN)

  • Report on "The Effects of the Accession Treaties on Pre-existing Tax Treaties", Fiscalis Seminar on Tax Treaties and EC Law, Malta, 4.-7.10.2006) (EN)

  • Report on the EC Model Tax Convention at the Workshop on tax treaties and EC law - Brussels (Belgium) 5.7.2005 (EN)

European Court of Justice
(Sole speaker of the) Seminar on "Problemi del linguaggio giuridico nei rapporti tra diritto tributario e diritto dell'Unione Europea, European Court of Justice, Luxembourg. 1st edition: 14.-15.1.2010 (IT); 2nd edition 19.10.2011 (IT)

v. OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • Report on Developing CFC Legislation in line with European Union law, held in open session at the meeting of WP 11 on aggressive tax planning, Paris (France), 24.10.2013

vi. WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • 18.12.2017 - Rethinking Tax Treaties in a digital age: adapting the allocation rules, Digital Tax Transformation. Round Table, WU, Wien (Austria) 

  • 17.06.2017 - Mutual Assistance: Exchange of information and Collection of Taxes. 23rd annual Viennese Symposium on International Tax Law, Wien (Austria)

  • 28.04.-29.04.2017 - Report “Meaning of beneficial ownership in tax treaties under Article 10 of the Italy-United Kingdom tax treaty. Relevance of internationally accepted tax practice and meaning of under the OECD Model Convention”. “Tax Treaty Case Law around the Globe”, WU Vienna, Wien (Austria)

  • 17.10.-18.10.2016 - Recent trends in CJEU case law. “Recent and Pending Direct Cases at the European Court of Justice”, Wien (Austria)

  • Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Taxation, Rust (Austria), 2-4.07.2015

  • 22nd annual Viennese Symposium on International Tax Law, “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS): The Proposals to Revise the OECD Model Convention”, 19.06.2015

  • Tax Treaty Case Law Around the Globe, Vienna (Austria), 11-13.06.2015

  • The OECD Model Convention and its Update 2014, 21st Viennese Symposium on International Tax Law, Vienna (Austria), 2.07.2014

  • The development of multilateral instruments in the OECD, EU and other regional
    groupings, EUI-WU 3rd Executive Tax Seminar, Vienna (Austria), 11.12.2013

  • Habitually exercising the authority to conclude contracts according to Art 5 par 5 OECD Model Convention, 20th Vienna International Tax Symposium, Vienna (Austria), 14.6.2013

  • The Italian case. Tax treaty case law conference, WU, Vienna (Austria), 24.5.2013

  • Dienstnehmereinkünfte in den österreichischen DBA (Art 15,16,18,19 und 20 OECD-MA) (co-reporter Marion Scheuer), 19th Wiener Symposion zum Internationalen Steuerrecht, Vienna (Austria), 22.6.2012

  • Italy: Beneficial ownership as anti-abuse provision in international taxation & Italy: Beneficial ownership and the entitlement to treaty benefits in the presence of transparent entities, at Beneficial ownership, Vienna (Austria), 18-19.5.2012

  • On abuse and fraud in VAT: setting the appropriate boundaries for GAARs in the EU VAT system, at Improving VAT/GST - Designing a simple and fraud-proof tax system, Vienna (Austria), 1-2.3.2012

  • The limits to interest deductibility: an ad hoc anti-abuse rule within the proposal for a CCCTB Directive, at CCCTB and third countries, 30-31.1.2012

  • Italian case law on tax treaties, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna (Austria), 20.5.2011

  • The Italian Pending Tax Cases, 6th ECJ Pending Tax Cases of the WU Vienna, Vienna 12.-13.11.2010

  • General Report at The Impact of the OECD and UN Models Conventions on Bilateral Tax Treaties, Rust (Austria) 9.-10.7.2010

  • Die Möglichkeiten der Verweigerung des Informationsaustausches nach Art 26 OECD-MA, Co-speaker with Martina Gruber, Vienna, 18.6.2010

  • Developing a New Approach to Taxation in Relations with Developing Countries: Thoughts on Selected Legal and Economic Issues, discussant of prof. Ilan Benshalom (Northwestern University), Seminar of the Spezialforschungsbereich on International Tax Coordination, Vienna, 14.5.2010

  • Tax Treaties and Developing Countries, at "Tax Treaties from a Legal and Economic Perspective", Vienna, 18-20.3.2010

  • Italian National Report, ECJ Pending Direct Tax Cases, Vienna, 13.-14.11.2009

  • Using soft law to counter international double (non-)taxation in VAT/GST, 26.-27.3.2009

  • Italian National Report, ECJ Pending Direct Tax Cases, (Vienna 26.-27.9.2008);

  • Outbound dividends and Fat Cap under the proposed CCCTB system, 22.-23.2.2008

  • Article 19 OECD Model Tax Convention, at the Conference on the Future of Allocation Rules in the OECD Model Tax Convention, Vienna (Austria) 9.-10.11.2007

  • Recent ECJ Decisions in Direct Taxation and their Practical Impact, in Recent Developments in Tax Treaty Practice (Rust, Austria 8.-12.7.2007)

  • Italian National Report, ECJ Pending Direct Tax Cases, (Vienna 15.-17.2.2007);

  • General Reporter at the Conference EU and Third Countries (Vienna 13.-14.10.2006)

  • Recent ECJ Decisions in Direct Taxation and their Practical Impact' in Recent Developments in Tax Treaty Practice (Rust, Austria 9.-14.7.2006)

  • Recent and Pending Direct Tax Cases at the European Court of Justice, Vienna (Austria), October 2005

  • Settlement of Tax Treaty Disputes: Italian National Reporter - Rust (Austria) September 2001.

Other conferences (PER ANNUM BACKWARDS)


  1. 09.11.-10.11.2017 - Zonas francas y zonas de incentivos fiscales. Zonas Francas y Comercio Internacional, Universidad de Vigo, Vigo (Spain)

  2. 28.10. 2017 - L’adeguamento delle categorie del diritto tributario alle esigenze dell’ economia digitale. Convegno in memoria di Victor Uckmar, Genova (Italy)

  3. 15.09.-16.09.2017 - BEPS and EU Law, Multilateral Convention on BEPS (“MLI”) and EU Law. GREIT 12 Conference “The External Tax Strategy of the EU in a Post-BEPS Environment”, University of Cádiz Law School, Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)

  4. 07.09.2017 - Ideas for Bringing now International Tax Law in line with New Global Business Models (with Brauner, Yariv). Conference “Current Issues in European Tax Law” of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, Tallinn (Estonia)

  5. 17.07.2017 - Finalità extrafiscali del tributo, zone franche e compatibilità con il diritto dell’Unione Europea tra sviluppo economico e sfide dell’economia globale. Conference “ODCEC (Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e Degli Esperti Contabili)”, Naples (Italy)

  6. 19.06.-23.06.2017 - Report on “The EU Perspective on Competition vs Coordination: International v. Regional Tax Coordination” (with Dourado, Ana Paula). GREIT Lisbon Summer Course, Lisbon, (Portugal)

  7. 01.06.-03.06.2017 - The questionnaire on open access and the feedback from the national reporters. EATLP Congress 2017, Lodz (Polen)

  8. 01.06.-03.06.2017 - The outcome of the 2015 Academic Topic: the EATLP Peer Reviewing Matrix. EATLP Congress 2017, Lodz (Polen)

  9. 21.04.2017 - Report on “Legal Instruments for Settling Cross-order Tax Disputes and Potential Implications of the Proposed EU Tax Arbitration Directive”. 11th International Taxation Conference, Malta Institute of Management Conference (Malta), Tarxien (Malta)

  10. 29.03.2017 - Direct Taxation & Secondary EU Law (de lege lata & de lege ferenda). Direct Taxation & EU Law Conference, Leuven (Belgium) 

  11. 02.12.2016 - The European Union and the United States – The Good Old Tax ‘Frenemies. First Transatlantic Project Meeting (TTF), The Hague (Niederlande)

  12. 28.10.2016 - International Tax Policy Issues and STZs. conference “Tax Free Zones and International Repercussions of the Implementation of the BEPS Project”, University of Vigo, Vigo (Spain)

  13. 27.10.2016 - The EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Package: Impact on Switzerland, Conference "The Post-BEPS World”, Lausanne (Switzerland) 

  14. 15.10. 2016 - Report on “I limiti esterni alla sovranità tributaria statale nell’era del diritto globale”. Congress “Per un Nuovo Ordinamento Tributario”, Genova (Italien

  15. 11.10.-14.10.2016 - Blueprints for enhancing the protection of taxpayers’ rights in cross-border tax procedures. UN Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters, Twelfth Session, Geneva (Schwitzerland) 

  16. 20.09.2016 - EU Expert Report on free movement of workers”. Conference of the Italian Trade Union, Rome , Rom (Italien)

  17. 15.09.2016 - Presentation “BEPS action 16: the taxpayers’ right to an effective legal remedy under European law in cross-border situations”. Annual conference of the Swedish Professors of Tax Law (TOR/Skattenytts Konferens), Örebro (Schweden)

  18. 08.09.-10.09.2016 - On the Establishment and Possible Functions of a Direct Tax Committee. GREIT Conference “European Tax Integration: Law, Policy and Politics”, Isle of Ischia, (Italien)

  19. 27.06.2016 - General Overview of the DeSTaT project and Closing remarks on prospective developments . the DeSTaT conference “A Sustainable Path for Tax Transparency in Developing Countries”, University of Oslo, Oslo (Norwegen)

  20. 22.06.2016 - Switch-over clauses and tax competition. GREIT Summer Course “Tax Competition in the Post-BEPS Era”, Lisbon (Portugal)

  21. 2-4.6.2016 - The Meaning of Avoidance and Aggressive Tax Planning in the EU . EATLP Congress 2016, Munich (Germany)

  22. 29.04.2016 - A topical introduction to the Goals of the Research Group. International Seminar "Tax Free Zones and International Repercussions of the Implementation of the BEPS Project”, Vigo (Spanien)

  23. 26.04.2016 - Legal protection/ Safeguards of the taxpayers: How BEPS has affected the legal protection of taxpayer rights? conference “Tax risk and controversy: opportunities and challenges across borders”, Paris (Frankreich) 

  24. 15.04.2016 - Implementation of BEPS in the EU. MIM 10th International Tax Conference, St. Julian (Malta)

  25. 13.4.2016 - Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen: ein Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen, Problemfelder und Lösungsansätze. Austrian Parliament, Vienna (Austria)

  26. 11.03.2016 - Cross-Border Tax Obstacles for Individuals within the European Union. Conference in Honour of Frans Vanistendael, KU Leuven (Belgium)

  27. 5-6.10.2015 - Speech on Merger Taxation in CJEU Case Law, Conference “Corporate Acquisitions and Access to Entrepreneurial Financing in the Post-Accession Period”, Opatija (Croatia)

  28. 1-2.10.2015 - Discussant Conference “VAT and Financial Supplies”, Prato campus of Monash University (Italy)

  29. 27.8.2015 - Jubilee 100 Years ESTV Switzerland - Steuern: Anspruch und Wirklichkeit, EU-Recht, das BEPS-Projekt und der globale Rahmen für einen transparenten Steuerwettbewer, Bern (Switzerland)

  30. 2.7.2015 - Conference “Pay your taxes where you add the value”, Summary on the key bottlenecks for developing countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague (Netherlands) 22.6.2015 Reports: i) OECD Agenda on BEPS and Output, ii) The Case of Harmful Tax Competition, iii) Final Debate and Conclusions (with Ana Paula Dourado) at the 7th GREIT Summer Course “Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Aggressive Tax Planning”, Lisbon (Portugal)

  31. 4.6.2015 - Moderator of the event “Fiscalità e sviluppo sostenibile in una prospettiva multilivello. Un’analisi comparata Italia-Spagna”, Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, Napoli (Italy)

  32. 6.3.2015 - Dialogues on Global Fiscal Transparency and the Effective Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights (with Philip Baker) at the “9th International Taxation Conference” on the topic Taxpayers Rights in a Changing International Landscape, Malta

  33. 27.2.2015 - 8th Prof. em. Frans Vanistendael lecture: “Transfer Pricing: Challenges for Business and
    Governments”; Closing lecture “Selected transfer pricing issues from an European tax law perspective”, KU Leuven (Belgium)

  34. 29.1-30.2015 - Reflections on “Environment and Taxation: Models of States’ intervention and Tax Treatment of the Energy Sector” at the conference co-organized by CEU San Pablo University and IBFD “Energy Taxation, Environmental Protection and State Aids: Tracing the path from divergence to convergence”, Madrid (Spain)

  35. 8.12.2014 - BEPS Conference, Member of the panel Preferential Regimes and Harmful Tax Competition (OECD/EU Perspectives) and Presentation “BEPS And EU Fundamental Freedoms, Lausanne (Switzerland)

  36. 5.12.2014 - he 7th CFE European Conference on Tax Advisers’ Professional Affairs with the title “Tax Transparency – How to make it work?”, Speaker at the session “Disclosure of tax avoidance schemes - how to design it well?”, Paris (France)

  37. 24.11.2014 - Presentation with the title EU Direct Tax Law at the Conference “Immovable property under domestic Law, EU Law and Tax Treaties”, Milan (Italy)

  38. 20-22.11.2014 - Recent and Pending Cases at the ECJ on Direct Taxation; Member of the Scientific committee; Member of the panel “Recent trends in ECJ case law”; Chair for the Swedish Case, Vienna (Austria)

  39. 29.9.2014 - Discussant at the Tax System Complexity Symposium, “Contemporary tax complexity explained by the concept of hyper-complexity: A changing approach to complexity growth”, presented by Frank Pedersen and “Why are Tax Sanctions so Complex?” Presented by Alex Raskolnikov, Monash University, Prato (Italy)

  40. 24-26.9.2014 - “The Future of VAT in a Digital Global Economy”, Vienna (Austria)

  41. 21.09.2014 - Member of Panel “Innovation and Policy” at KPMG Global Tax Event, Barcelona (Spain)

  42. 19.9.2014 - Report at GREIT Conference “International Tax Law and New Challenges by Constitutional and Legal Pluralism” on the topic “Principles and procedures relied on to identify and reduce harmful tax practices”, Münster (Germany)

  43. 01-4.09.2014 - XXVII Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Derecho Tributario, Chairman of the panel "La responsabilidad tributaria" and Speaker on the panel "Modelo Bilateral de convenio para Evitar Doble Imposición ILADT", Lima (Peru )

  44. 3.7.2014 - Speech at IOTA conference, “How to engage taxpayers and influence compliance behavior”, Belgrade (Serbia)

  45. 18.6.2014 - IFA Belgium, “Adding Values in a changing international tax environment”, Brussels

  46. 16.06.2014 - The Compatibility of Incentives with a Legal Framework of Transparent Tax Competition, GREIT Summer Course on Tax Good Governance and the BEPS Action Plan, Lisbon, Portugal

  47. 12.6.2014 - IFA Switzerland, ECJ Case Law on Direct Taxes and Its Repercussions on Switzerland (in German), Zurich (Switzerland)

  48. 05.-06.06.2014 - BRICS and BEPS in international taxation - VIII Eurasian Legal Conference –
    Expert Group Session, Ural State Law University, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

  49. 19.5.2014 - IFA Italia, Le misure fiscali ed il semestre italiano di presidenza dell’Unione Europea,
    Rome (Italy)

  50. 15.05.2014 - “Tax Treaties with Developing Countries” Fudan University, Shanghai, China

  51. 14.04.2014 - Seminar for Masters in International Tax (UCT) - University of Cape Town
    (South Africa)

  52. 07.3.2014 - Limitation of base erosion through interest deductions and hybrid mismatch arrangements, Conference “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting”, Institute of Tax Law of KU Leuven (Belgium)

  53. 26.2.2014 - Diritti umani e potestà extraterritoriale, University of Palermo (Italy)

  54. 21.2.2014 - “Le competenze in materia fiscale dell’Unione europea”, SUPSI University of Lugano

  55. 17.2.-18.2.2014 - Round table and Presentation of Spanish translation of the book by Michael Lang, "Introduction to the Law of Double Tax Conventions" at the conference “Issues and Challenges Concerning the Introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax in the European Union”, Madrid, Spain

  56. 23.01.2014 - Free Movement of Capital and Third Countries – FII Group Litigation, at the Conference “Landmark decisions in direct tax jurisprudence”, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  57. 09.12.2013 - Chair, Introduction and Conclusions, at “Rethinking Corporate Tax Policy: OECD and EU Perspectives. The Reform of Swiss International Tax Law”, Swiss International Tax Symposium, Lausanne (Switzerland)

  58. 06.11.2013 - Taxation and Human Rights (with Philip Baker), University of Liège, Liège (Belgium)

  59. 05.11.2013 - Aktuelle Entwicklungen zum Handelsbox und Körperschaftsteuerreform in der Schweiz, Internationale Steuerkonferenz, University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen (Switzerland)

  60. 31.10.2013 - Future challenges in the field of environmental taxation: how to deal with the multiple
    layers of taxation (with Marta Villar), at State Aids, Taxation and Sustainable Growth Beyond 2020, University of Aarhus, Aarhus (Denmark)

  61. 25.10.2013 - Valori costituzionali, valori europee e vincoli finanziari, presented at the International
    Tax Conference on “Public Finance and Tax Incentives for Areas Struck by Natural Disasters and Pollution, Universities of Teramo and Chieti-Pescara, Teramo and Pescara (Italy)

  62. 12.10.2013 - Soft law in European Union tax law, presented at the Jubilee Conference for the 15th
    anniversary from the Research Centre on International Tax Law on “Tax Legislation, Legal Standards, Trends and Challenges”, University of Lodz, Lodz (Poland)

  63. 26.09.2013 - The implications of soft law for the development of global tax law, with special emphasis for relations involving developing countries, presented at the Jubilee Conference for the Centennial from the Foundation of the School of Law on “Portugal, Europe and the Globalisation of Law, University of Lisbon (Portugal)

  64. 20.09.2013 - Towards a fair share, international tax aspects. The concept of tax avoidance. Suggestions for solutions, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, congress of Landelijk overleg Fiscalisten (LOF), Groningen (Netherlands)

  65. 19.-20.06.2013 - Human rights, European Union law and taxation, Principles of law: Function, status and impact in EU tax law, 8th GREIT conference, University of Lund (Sweden)

  66. 12.6.2013 – Tax avoidance in the international arena: legitimate aim or immoral act?, IBFD´s 75th Anniversary Congress, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  67. 11.6.2013 – Generelle Entwicklungen in der Diskussion mit der EU und auf internationaler Ebene (G20, OECD, und Global Forum) und Lösungsvorschläge für Schweizer Handelsgesellschaften: Europarechtskonforme Löschungsvorschläge für Schweizer Handelsgesellschaften anhand von Beispielen, Internationale Steuerkonferenz, Hochschule Lucerne (Switzerland)

  68. 6-8.6.2013 – Report (delivered in Russian) at the Plenary Session on selected issues on WTO law and international taxation from the perspective of the European Union and its relations with Russia, 7th Eurasian Conference of the Russian Association of Legal Experts, Ekaterinburg (Russia)

  69. 03.06.2013 - Beneficial ownership in international taxation and trusts, University of Lisbon, Lisbon

  70. 29.05.2013 - Recentes desenvolvimentos no direito tributario europeo - imposto sobre transacçoes
    financeiras e novedades em tema de Good tax governance e Aggressive tax planning, Instituto Superior de Gestão, Lisbon (Portugal)

  71. 21.05.2013 - Connecting Factors, Territoriality and Enhanced Cooperation: Selected Issues in
    Research seminar on the Financial Transaction Tax, Mendel University, Brno (Czech Republic)

  72. 07.05.2013 - Au-delà de la crise financière. Prochaines Étapes de l’Union européenne. Européanisation des élections. Création d’une fiscalité européenne, Comité Europe, Marseille (France)

  73. 21.3.2013 – Presentation on Recent Trends and Changes in the European Tax Arena, International Taxation Conference 2013, Malta Institute of Management (Malta)

  74. 12.11.2012 – Exchange of Information and Rubik Agreements: the Perspective of an EU Academic, 5th Swiss International Tax Symposium, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

  75. 2.11.2012 – From Mutual Agreement Procedures to Arbitration in Tax Treaties: Reconciling Taxpayers' Protection with the Interest to Collect Taxes, 3rd Turkish International Tax Conference, Köç University of Istanbul (Turkey)

  76. 3.11.2011 – Ad hoc anti-tax avoidance rules, 2nd International Tax Conference, Koç University of Istanbul (Turkey)

  77. 30.9.2011 – La tassazione dei dividendi intrasocietari nel diritto interno, internazionale e dell’Unione Europea, Conference for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Maisto Law Firm on “La tassazione dei dividendi ed il Diritto dell’Unione Europea”, Milan (Italy)

  78. 23.9.2011 – Report at the CCCTB Conference of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  79. 3.7.2011 Recent highlights from the Direct Tax Case Law of the European Court of Justice, Final conference of the 4th Summer School on European International Tax Law of the University of Palermo (Italy)

  80. 29.6.2011-30.6.2011 – Geographical boundaries of tax jurisdiction, exclusive allocation of taxing powers in tax treaties and good tax governance, at Taxation and Developing Countries, University of Lisbon (Portugal)

  81. 24.-25.6.2011 – Selected Cross-border Issues of Tax Mobility of Workers in Europe, 6th GREIT conference Tax Mobility in Europe, University of Lisbon (Portugal)

  82. 13.5.2011 – Il federalismo fiscale e la fiscalità di sviluppo nel diritto dell’Unione Europea, Spring in Naples, II University of Naples (Italy)

  83. 6.5.2011 – La giurisprudenza della Corte Europea dei diritti dell’uomo: controlli e verifiche fiscali, Universities of Chieti-Pescara (Italy)

  84. 27.1.2011 State aids and the taxing of foreign source income, University of Aarhus (Denmark)

  85. Retroactivity in Tax Law: selected issues from a comparative perspective, 1st International Tax Conference, Koç University of Istanbul, Turkey 1.12.2010

  86. Recent case law from the European Court of Justice, 4th Swiss International Tax Law Conference, Neuchâtel 25.10.2010

  87. Co-general reporter (with G. Kofler and M. Maduro) 5th GREIT Conference, Taxation and Human Rights in Europe and the World, European University Institute, Florence 16.-17.9.2010

  88. L’échange de renseignements en matière fiscale: remarques de droit comparé, Université Paris 1 Sorbonne-Panthéon, Paris (France), 15.6.2010

  89. Multilateral tax treaties and CCCTB, at the Conference on “The Avoidance of Double Taxation in the European Union”, Université de Luxembourg, Luxembourg 19.4.2010

  90. VAT exemptions and the right to deduction, Oxford University, Oxford (United Kingdom) 15-16.4.2010

  91. Selected tax issues on the Merger Directive, IDEFF, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal 8.4.2010

  92. A troca de informações: temas actuais na aplicação dos acordos de dupla tributação, Asociação Fiscal Portuguesa, Lisbon, Portugal 6.4.2010

  93. Exchange of information: from tax havens to cooperative tax jurisdictions, 3rd International Tax Conference, Malta Institute of Management, Malta, 23.3.2010

  94. Svizzera: attualità in tema di scambio di informazioni con i Paesi comunitari, at Paradisi fiscali o paradisi legali, Associazione Bancaria Italiana, Rome 1.12.2009

  95. Fiscalidad ambiental y derecho internacional, at Jornadas de fiscalidad ambiental: tributos y derechos de emisión, IX Semana de la Ciencia, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid (Spain), 20.11.2009

  96. Abusive Application of Double Taxation Conventions, 3rd Swiss International Tax Law Symposium, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) 16.11.2009

  97. Recenti sviluppi in tema di contrasto ai paradisi fiscali e di scambio di informazioni, at Associazione Bancaria Italiana, Rome 23.10.2009

  98. ECJ Seminar of the Confédération Fiscale Européenne, Luxembourg 20.10.2009

  99. The roads to European tax integration, 4th GREIT conference, Amsterdam 25-26.9.2009

  100. Taxation of business income (in Spanish): a Model Tax Convention for Latin America, Universidade de Vigo (Spain), 8-9.6.2009

  101. Inbound transfer of residence: an analysis from the perspective of indirect taxes (in italian) (Universities of Teramo-Pescara (Italy) 29-30.5.2009

  102. Steering tax treaty interpretation towards EC tax law, International Tax Conference, II edition, Malta Institute of Management, Malta 21.5.2009

  103. As relações fiscais entre a Europa e os países terceiros, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), 6.5.2009

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