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Publications / Lectures

I. Monographien

  1. Taxing Uber. // Springer Monograph (Ius Gentium): Uber – Brave New Service or Unfair Competition, 2020.

  2. Tax Treaty Arbitration: Croatian Report. // Kluwer Law International: Tax Treaty Arbitration. (expected in 2019 - accepted for publication in 2020).

  3. Analyse comparée des dispositifs de lutte contre l'évasion fiscale en droit fiscal croate et français Le cas de l'impôt sur les sociétés”, L.G.D.J, Paris, 408 pages – published book.


II. Beiträge in Sammelbänden und Fachzeitschriften / Articles in collected editions and journals

  1. Controlled Foreign Company Legislation (with Gadžo, Stjepan) In: Chapter 11: Controlled Foreign Company Legislation in Croatia, Hrsg. Georg Kofler, Richard Krever, Michael Lang, Jeffrey Owens, Pasquale Pistone, Alexander Rust, Josef Schuch, Karoline Spies, Claus Staringer, 183-199, 2020.

  2. New Mandatory Disclosure Rules for Tax Intermediaries and Taxpayers in the European Union – Another “Bite” into the Rights of the Taxpayer?, World Tax Journal, 11 (2019), 1, IBFD, Amsterdam.

  3. Joint Audits: Applicable Law and Taxpayer Rights, World Tax Journal, 10 (2018), IBFD, Amsterdam.

  4. VAT and private clinics, (in Croatian), Pravo i porezi (Law and taxes), 11/18.

  5. La competence fiscale – book review, A. Kallergis (Dalloz, 2018), Intertax, Kluwer Law.

  6. Tax treaty arbitration – Croatian national report, Rust conference, Burgenland, Austria -  5th to 7th July 2018, Institut für Österreichisches und Internationales Steuerrecht/ Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien/ Vienna University of Economics and Business), IBFD.

  7. “Removal of Administrative Barriers Through the Recent Procedural Simplifications in Slovenia and Croatia”, Danube: Law, Economics and Social Issues Review. 8 (2017), 4; 207-228 (journal article).

  8. Oporezivanje bitcoin-a” (Taxing bitcoin), Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Yearbook of the Zagreb Law Faculty).

  9. Financing Communal Services in View of Good Governance: The Case of Zagreb Holding in Good Local Governance: Application of European Standards for Local Public Services in France and Croatia / de la Rosa, Stephane ; Lhomme, Didier, Musa, Anamarija (ed.), Bruxelles : Bruylant, 2016, p. 393-426.

  10. Novi pristup u određenju dobiti stalne poslovne jedinice – pristup OECD-a te implikacije za hrvatsko porezno parvo” (The AOA and its implications for the Croatian Tax Law)” // Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Rijeci (Yearbook of the Rijeka Law Faculty), 37 (2016), 3; p. 1231-1252.

  11. Trends and Players in Tax Policy: Croatia” // Trends and Players in Tax Policy / Lang, M. et al. (ed.), Amsterdam / The Netherlands : IBFD, 2016. p. 275-299.

  12. Reflections on the Structure of Croatian Measures for Limiting the Deductibility of Financial Expenses: Efficiency vs Compatibility // Croatian yearbook of European law & policy. 12 (2016); p. 145-170.

  13. Vers une mesure générale anti-abus en droit fiscal croate?”, Institut international des sciences fiscales, Aix Marseille – Université.

  14. A New Approach of the Croatian Tax Administration towards Taxpayers Based on Cooperation Instead of Repression: A True Change in Attitude // Croatian and comparative public administration : a journal for theory and practice of public administration,. 4 (2016), p. 847-866.

  15. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Tax Law: Utopia or Solution?, Collected Papers of Zagreb Law Faculty, 64 (2014.), 3; 1847-1913.

  16. Proposed amendments to the EU taxation system of income deriving from interest, conference proceedings organized by the     Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, 17- 19 April 2013, in Opatija, Croatia.

  17. Legal aspects of mediation in the Republic of Croatia, Pravnik, 44, 88 (1), 2010.

  18. Joint and Simultaneous Audits, in: Pasquale Pistone (Hrsg.), Tax Procedures, 151-175. Amsterdam: IBFD, 2020.