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Guest Lecture by Gabriele Faber-Wiener (Center for Responsible Management)


Rising energy prices, new laws and recruiting new employees are just some of the challenges companies are currently facing. Gabriele Faber-Wiener, founder of the Center for Responsible Management, showed the students how companies deal with challenges and what opportunities arise from them.

In general, the majority of companies in Austria are currently using CSR to manage risks, for example to secure their position on the market or to achieve a better reputation, says Faber-Wiener. This extrinsic motivation for CSR stands in contradiction to the intrinsic motives of companies, which do not see sustainability as a means to an end but as a basic attitude of business. These different motives play a major role, both within companies and in the current political discourse.

Gabriele Faber-Wiener is a management consultant, key note speaker, author and lecturer. Before founding the Center for Responsible Management, she was Director at Grayling Austria and Communication Director at Doctors Without Borders and campaign manager at Greenpeace. She chairs the TRIGOS jury (Austria's award for CSR and sustainability) and is a member of the Austrian PR Ethics Council. A recording of the lecture is available online: https://youtu.be/ZMYw94gCERc

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