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Can Sustainability be funny?


Master students can choose to write comedy scripts on sustainability issues as part of a unique course at the Institute for Managing Sustainability of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The course has already been implemented three times, received excellent feedback from the students and won the “Best of Aus-tria Award” because of its innovative approach.

André Martinuzzi, head of the institute and creator of this trailblazer course, shares insights on using the power of humour to help students better understand and deal with complex sustainability topics in an article in “Profit with Purpose” magazine. Based on the experiences and evaluations of the three courses that have already been held, interesting lessons could be learned:

  • Humour is a craft and not a talent, which requires practising.

  • By writing comedy scripts, students better understand a specific topic than by writing standard seminar papers.

  • Humour can be integrated into courses that are not genuinely funny. Students reported that this approach helped them to boost their creativity and imagination.

You can read the article here! For more information on this method: www.TEACHING-HUMOR.eu 

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